Quality Caregivers Needed in Emergency Medicine Jobs

By lexutor Jul16,2022

Quality Caregivers Needed in Emergency Medicine Jobs

There is a massive need for emergency medicine jobs in places all over the country. Sometimes a doctor provides solo coverage. Other times a team of emergency room doctors provide care in a bigger ER setting. Whatever the case, an ER doctor needs to be prepared and ready for any circumstance.

An ER physician needs certain qualifications. They need to have between three and eight years of residency, and some facilities require further experience in the ER before a doctor can provide solo coverage. A doctor has to have a degree in internal medicine and some require specialization in pediatrics, cardiology, or other areas in the medical field. All ER doctors need to be certified in basic life support, pediatric advanced life support, advanced cardiac life support, and advanced trauma life support.

The reason for all of these certifications is an ER doctor never knows what will come through the door. There is never an average workday. A typical shift is 10 to 12 hours, although resident ER doctors can sometimes be clocked in for 24 hours straight. The morning shift consists of getting caught up on any patients that are currently on the floor. Sometimes there is an acute patient who needs extra care. Then the doctor will go on rounds. The rest of the day shift is spent managing patients, getting lab results, taking medical histories, discharging patients, reading X-rays and other tasks.

The night shift in the ER can be extremely busy. For some reason, trauma tends to happen more readily and there is rarely time to have a break. All kinds of patients come in, ranging from head trauma cases to intoxicated patients to patients with a rash or fever. Quality caregivers are needed in emergency medicine jobs. Sometimes it’s the difference between life and death.

By lexutor

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