What is a Tween?

By lexutor Jul14,2022

What is a Tween?

One of the new phrases that is used to describe kids is “tweens”. The media and popular culture are starting to cater to this age range. So, what is a tween? Here is the answer:

It is an age range: A tween, also known as a tweenager, preteen, tweenie, and more is a person who is between the ages of 8 and 12. Those are the awkward years when they are still not a teenager, but are not a little kid either.

It is a stage:Being a tween is more than fitting into a specific age range, it is more about the awkward pre-puberty stage. It is a stage in life where they will be forming social bonds with friends, and starting to care more about what their peers think. The Tween stage is the stage when independence from family starts to come out full force. Kids in this stage usually want to grow up faster, and make their own decisions. It is the stage where kids don’t want to be “kids” they do not want to have to have an adult with them when they go out, and they want all of the privileges of being a teen, without any of the responsibility.

It is a desire: The tween stage is when the child wants to be more than a kid, and feels that they are ready to be “grown up”. It is often when their basic adolescent identities are formed. It is when they start to realize that the world is not all fun and games as they had suspected, and that they need to grow up a little to survive the cruel realities of life. It is when they start to want things for themselves that extend beyond food and sleep, and basics.

It is a consumerism:Most tween age kids are suddenly more aware of appearances, and because of this, they tend to be more into brand consumption. When they were a kid, they wanted clothes on because that was a requirement to go outside and play with their friends. When they hit the tween stage, they tend to want brand named clothes and to fit in with their peers. The main way to do this is through brands and music.

If you have a tween, know who they are, and the messages that the media are sending to them about who they should be, and what kind of actions are acceptable. You may be surprised by the messages sent about relationships, how to treat parents, and the like. Help your tween find their place in life so that they do not rebel or make poor decisions that will affect the rest of their life. Having a tween can be a lot of fun, and being a tween can be even more fun. Just remember not to be in too big of a hurry to grow up, as being a kid has a lot of advantages.

By lexutor

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