Although the effectiveness of online ordination may be ethically questionable, someone who has become ordained online can legally administer weddings and sign marriage licenses, just like any other religious official. As long as the person is in good standing with his or her church, he or she has the legal right to solemnize a marriage in most of the United States.

The Restrictions

There are some states in the United States that require more than just online ordering of people who wish to perform religious ceremonies. States such as Arkansas, Louisiana, Delaware, Oklahoma, and Virginia require ordained ministers to provide the State with a copy of their credentials and/or address prior to stage weddings. Rhode Island, Nevada, and Ohio all license their state, ministers, while the state of Tennessee requirements for ordination to be a considerate, deliberate, and responsible act could implicitly restrict someone who has become an ordained minister online.

Seminary School

Ordained ministers may attend seminary school. Louisiana and other states require ministers to provide credentials before ordained scenic weddings. Many Christian denominations require that ministers have a detailed understanding of the Bible. Ordained ministers may perform wedding ceremonies. Individuals can become ordained ministers through various websites for a fee.

The Services Offered

Getting a minister online is quick and easy. Depending on what type of ordination you are interested in, you can even become an ordained minister online for free. Being ordained as a minister can help conduct wedding services, baptismal services, and officiate at other religious ceremonies.

Instructions to Follow

Decide why you want to be an ordained minister online. The most common reason for wanting to be an ordained minister is to perform a wedding ceremony for friends or family members. This is a perfectly good reason to become an ordained minister online. Other steps to follow includes:

  • Deciding if the faith you become an ordained minister in is important to you. If you or the bride or groom is particularly religious, you had better get ordained in that faith. However, if you don’t have any particular preference for religions, getting ordained as a minister from whatever service is quicker, cheaper, and better suited to your needs.
  • Do your research. Ask around to see if any of your friends or acquaintances have become ordained ministers online. Some of the websites that advertise ordering ministers online could be scams, so verify that you really will become an ordained minister before you send them your money.
  • Check with your local government agency that the organization you use to become an online minister is recognized by the state.

Congrats to You

In order for weddings performed as an ordained minister to be legitimate, you must ensure that the state recognizes your status as an ordained minister. Complete any paperwork and submit it. Congratulations, you are now on your way to becoming an ordained minister Memphis TN-located.

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