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These are healthy food that need to be consumed every day

Public awareness to eat healthy food is now getting bigger. Because apart from being a source of energy, eating healthy foods can also reduce the risk of serious diseases, ranging from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, to cancer.

Consumption of healthy foods every day is highly recommended to meet daily nutritional needs. This is actually not difficult to do because there are many healthy food choices to be consumed every day, for example functional food groups. Not only that, the consumption of healthy foods coupled with regular exercise is also important to support a successful diet .

Wide Choice of Healthy Food
In order to function properly, the body needs nutrients and energy obtained from food. In the body, the food consumed will undergo a process of digestion and absorption of nutrients .

Some healthy food choices that are good for consumption include:

1. Green vegetables

Green vegetables rank first in the type of healthy food because they contain many important nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, calcium, iron, folate, and potassium, which are very good for health.

In addition, green vegetables are also rich in antioxidants that can protect the body from free radical damage. The choice of green vegetables is also diverse, ranging from mustard greens, broccoli , kale, lettuce, to spinach. Green vegetables can also be processed in various ways, from boiling, sauteing, to steaming.

To keep the color of green vegetables attractive, try cooking green vegetables using mineral water. The mineral content in it, such as sodium bicarbonate and magnesium hydroxide, can maintain the natural green color of the leaves.

2. Fruits

In addition to vegetables, fruit is also very important to eat because it contains many vitamins. Some of the fruits that are popular for their nutritional richness are:

Apples (fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants)
Oranges (vitamin C)
Bananas (potassium)
Avocados (healthy fats, potassium and vitamin C)
Berries, such as blueberries and strawberries (low in calories but high in antioxidants and fiber)

3. Meat and eggs

Meat is one of the healthiest foods because it is rich in nutrients, especially lean beef. This type of meat contains the highest protein and iron compared to other types of meat.

In addition to meat, eggs are also included in a healthy diet. In addition to being high in protein, eggs also contain complete nutrients, ranging from vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fats , to antioxidants.

4. Nuts and grains

The next healthy food that is full of nutrients are nuts and seeds. Examples are peanuts, cashews, almonds, chia seeds , pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds.

Nuts and seeds are not only high in protein and fiber, but are also rich in vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium and vitamin E.

5. Fish and other seafood

Seafood is a healthy food option that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and iodine. Research shows that people who eat seafood often tend to live longer and have a lower risk of many diseases, including heart disease.

6. Milk

Milk contains lots of vitamins, minerals, quality animal protein, and healthy fats. In addition, milk is one of the best sources of calcium. To obtain the nutrients found in milk, you can consume it directly or consume processed products, such as cheese and yogurt .

Recognize Healthy Food to Avoid

In order to avoid various diseases, consumption of healthy food alone is not enough. You should also limit or avoid unhealthy intakes such as the following:

Drinks high in sugar

Drinks with high sugar content, such as soft drinks, packaged juices, and energy drinks should be avoided or limited. If often consumed in large quantities, this type of drink can trigger insulin resistance in the body. This condition can lead to a variety of serious illnesses, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease .

Fast food

Also avoid fast food or junk food , such as french fries, fried chicken, and processed meats. This type of food is not only high in calories, but also low in nutrients. In addition, fast food can also encourage the desire to eat excessively, so that it can trigger weight gain. If consumed in excess, fast food can also cause high cholesterol .

Packaged snacks

Just like fast food, most packaged snacks sold in the market, such as candy, ice cream, and biscuits, are also high in calories and low in nutrients so they need to be limited. So, consume it once in a while, yes!

Consumption of healthy foods greatly contributes to building a healthy body, even more than exercise. So, start eating healthy foods with balanced nutrition to maintain and improve your body’s health.

So that you don’t get bored, eat healthy food with different types every day or combine these kinds of foods so that the nutrients you get are …

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Can Drinking Coffee During Menstruation?

For most women coffee lovers, menstruation is not a reason to stop the ritual of coffee. Moreover, many say also that drinking coffee during menstruation can help ease a variety of symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome that sucks. Is that right? Can women actually drink coffee during menstruation?


Drinking coffee during menstrual period may not matter, as long as sufficient.

However, coffee contains high caffeine. In one cup of brewed black coffee, there is about 95-200 mg of caffeine. Although it can provide a spike in energy for your activities, caffeine can affect the condition of your body during the menstrual period. Especially if you include people who are sensitive to coffee.

Here are some side effects that may occur if you drink coffee during menstruation:

Resulting in more Severe Menstruation Pain

Caffeine works to constrict the vessels that cause blood flow throughout the body so it is not smooth. Lack of blood flow to the abdominal uterine muscle will cut off oxygen supply which can cause pain and stomach cramps getting worse.

In addition, the intake of oxygenated blood to the brain is also reduced. This can cause you to experience more severe headaches.

The Stomach Feels more Bloated and Uncomfortable

Acidic coffee will make the stomach bloated and increase the risk of stomach acid. When stomach acid rises, various digestive disorders will appear. Starting from the sensation of heat in the pit of the stomach, the stomach feels full, to feel nauseated. It gets worse if you drink coffee before eating. Of course, this condition will make you more uncomfortable when menstruation comes.

Mood Makes Less Good and Tends to Feel Anxious

Not only that, drinking coffee during menstruation will affect the mood and can make you more anxious. This has even been demonstrated in research published in the Journal of Women’s Health. Women who often drink coffee during menstruation tend to have a bad mood and more easily anxious.

Makes You Insomnia and Less Rest

Adequate rest is an important key to relieve menstrual pain symptoms. Unfortunately, if you still drink coffee during menstruation, the effects of coffee stimulants that make you more alert can make your insomnia. In turn, insomnia can aggravate your complaints.

As long as you do not consume excessively, coffee can remain delicious during menstruation. But do not forget to get enough rest and sleep so that the body condition does not drop more.

What you need to understand, women should actually reduce the intake of caffeinated beverages during menstruation. Instead of a cup of coffee, drink plenty of water or an electrolyte drink to replace lost body fluids.

Can also eat fresh fruits such as avocado, bananas, until papaya that can help cope with menstrual symptoms.

In addition, you can choose a warm drink made from a mixture of spices. If you want to drink tea, try to choose a tea with very little caffeine content. So do not cause the same side effects as coffee.…

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Yoga Movements that can Make Beautiful

For women who are confused about what type of sport is suitable, maybe try yoga! Nah just can help you lose weight. Yoga can also make you more beautiful. In fact, if you regularly do some yoga movements can help remove chubby cheeks. In addition, yoga can also make the skin look radiant bright.

Yoga movements can accelerate blood circulation. So that the flow of oxygen and nutrients can flow smoothly to the skin tissue. The result, the skin becomes brighter and more youthful. Here is a useful yoga movement to beautify the skin:

Headstand Yoga Movements

Doing a headstand position ie the head is under and feet straight up will smooth the flow of blood to the face and brain. So the mind becomes fresher and the face becomes brighter. In addition, this position can also reduce fine lines around the face.

Bow Pose

Yoga Movements

How to do this movement is to the stomach then pull both feet closer to the back. Then lift the chest, and head up. This movement is used to launch the digestive system and increase the flow of oxygen to the lungs. If the flow of oxygen in the body smoothly, then all the toxins can be wasted through the excretory system. In this way, the skin is also so healthy and fresh.

Downward Facing Dog

Yoga movement of this one is simply to make the letter V upside down with the body. Way, lying on his stomach like a push-up position. Then slowly lift your body and raise your butt up. With the heels still stuck to the floor. Hold for a few minutes, then return to the starting position. This movement is used to smooth blood flow to the head, especially to the face.

Ploug Pose


Lie on your back on the floor, then slowly lift your legs up to your face. Push the buttock up, and use both hands to hold the back. Doing this movement can stimulate the thyroid gland and hormones in the body that plays a role to nourish the skin.

Chin Lift

Well, this particular movement to reduce double chin. The trick is very easy and can be done with a standing or sitting position, the important part of the back should be upright. If it is in an upright position, inhale, then dung face toward the ceiling. Then tighten and advance your lips. Feel the stretch on your jaw, throat, and neck. Repeat this movement 10 times and do it three times a day.

Fish Face

Another useful facial exercise to reduce chubby cheeks is the fish face. The trick is to sit or stand in an upright position, then smile and then pull the cheek and hold for a few seconds. Perform the movement of face fish as much as 10 times every day for facial skin to be tight.

That’s the easy yoga movement and you can do it yourself at home.…

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The Chronic Pain Epidemic in America Has a Flawed Approach

The Chronic Pain Epidemic in America Has a Flawed Approach

As of 2011, the specialty of pain management has reached a new level of monetary and social awareness. According to an NIH study recently released, over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and the total cost of this pain is well over $500 billion dollars annually.

Let’s take a look at the traditional methods of how pain management in America work. Twenty percent of office visits in America involve a narcotic prescription, with the most common being Vicodin. Narcotics are often prescribed for acute and chronic conditions. Acute conditions may include a back strain, a sporting injury, a herniated disc, or an operation. Chronic conditions may include degenerative disc disease, degenerative scoliosis, or such painful problems as diabetic neuropathy.

There is a big push in America for effective pain treatment. Undertreating pain is considered below the standard of care. So what happens? It all starts with a seemingly innocuous narcotic prescription, which all too often blossoms into repetition. Before one can blink, the narcotic prescriptions keep coming, and tolerance sets in.

There is even a condition where chronic narcotic prescriptions may exacerbate one’s pain and make it worse. This is termed opioid induced hyperalgesia (OIH). That’s sort of like taking a beta blocker to lower one’s heart rate with the end result being tachycardia! There are other significant side effects to chronic narcotics as well, such as tolerance, depression, constipation, and altered mentation.

The economy of pain management is substantial. Between doctor visits, imaging studies, narcotic prescriptions, interventional procedures, and additional therapeutic modalities, the direct cost itself is substantial. Think about this – every time a procedure is performed, it involves nursing, needles, medication, an x-ray technician, and potentially an implant. With the indirect costs, though, including lost time from work and disability, the costs become staggering.

What is wrong with our current approach to pain management? The problem is that the current treatment methods are:

1. Typically short sighted.

2. Typically too focused.

3. Too focused on narcotics.

Being short sighted is alright in a situation such as a post-operative one where short term narcotics are meant to simply help the patient while the wounds heal. But being short sighted with a patient in chronic pain will often have the patient end up in a narcotic cycle. Being focused with pain treatment might mean treating every patient with the same approach -a narcotic prescription and an injection or two.

The answer to the current problematic state of affairs is integrated medicine. This includes having different specialists treat the patient, such as pain doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, naturopathic doctors, life coaches, etc.

So much of pain is non-organic and may benefit from a psychological approach. This explains why 2 patients with the same painful condition respond so differently to the same treatments. Getting patients back to work and off narcotics can be possible through the combination treatments with PT and chiropractic. There are also plenty of non-narcotic medications that can help with pain such as tramadol, anti-depressants, and neuromodulating ones like gabapentin.

In a 2006 Journal of Pain article, comprehensive interdisciplinary programs were shown to be of most benefit improving pain levels, function, return to work rates, and cost containment in dealing with chronic pain. Hopefully as more pain centers begin to embrace this philosophy of dealing with chronic pain, more patients will reap the benefits of successful treatment without their lives revolving around their next narcotic dosing for pain control.…

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The 5 Most Popular And Commonly Used Herbs

The 5 Most Popular And Commonly Used Herbs

Herbs have been our life saviors since time immortal and even in today’s modern world more than 50% of the people are still dependent on alternative form of medicine. Although there are hundreds of herbs which are commonly used in our life but some of the herbs have proven to be really effective in treating a variety of ailments. In this article we are going to find out about five of these herbs which play an important role in keeping our health at its optimal levels.

History of Herbal Medicine

The use of herbs for treating a variety of ailments and diseases goes back to thousands of years. In fact ayurveda which is the oldest form of medicine known to mankind is almost 5000 years old and is still used effectively by herbalists.

The side effects which are related to the modern medicines these days has prompted people to look for help in alternative medicine and that is one reason why this form of medicine is making waves all over the world as they produce excellent results and most of the times there are no side effects associated with using herbal medicines.

Here are some of the most popular herbs which have high efficacy rates and are free from any type of side effects.

1. Saw Palmetto

This herb is widely used for shrinking an enlarged prostate but it has others uses as well. It can be used as an aphrodisiac, diuretic; to treat a sore throat and combat hair loss as it reduces the excess levels of DHT in the body.

2. Withania Somnifera

It is often called the king of all herbs due to its vast healing properties. In ayurveda it is known as ashwagandha and is commonly used to treat all types of sex related problems. It is also effective in improving immunity levels in the body.

3. St Johns Wart

It is a very popular remedy for people suffering from depression. It enhances the feeling of wellness and it is good for our immune system.

4. Siberian Ginseng

This herb is very commonly used in Chinese medicine as it is quite effective in a number of health related problems like low immunity, high cholesterol and is also a natural adaptogen as it protects the body from stress related issues.

5. Echinacea

It is a powerful remedy to fight upper respiratory tract infections. It also helps in purification of blood and is recommended for people with skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.…

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Treatment For Eating Disorders in Adolescents

Treatment For Eating Disorders in Adolescents

Eating disorders, unfortunately, are all too common in adolescents. Puberty is a time of massive change for kids. Not only are their hormones turning on, but their bodies are also starting to change too. A beginning awareness of their interest in the opposite sex, as well as the stern judgment of their peers, can lead some hapless children into developing an eating disorder to fit in or to adapt themselves to the modern definition of ideal beauty.

You should immediately seek treatment for eating disorders in adolescents, once you’ve found out they have one. The goal is to find a setting that is most convenient and comfortable for the adolescent. You can’t underestimate the value of social networks to teens, and one reason they might resist treatment is if they think that their prolonged absence from school might cause people to hear about their eating disorder.

In large cities, there are often many clinics and intensive care centers that can help with eating disorders. While many of these can be very helpful, they are often residential programs where the adolescent is forced to stay in a hospitalization program, which is a major disruption to their regular lives. In smaller towns, they usually lack the large clinics and the wider variety of expert therapists.

So far, there is no standard practice when it comes to treatment for eating disorders in adolescents. However, most programs strongly encourage the involvement of the adolescent’s family in the treatment process. Recently, five major guidelines were released on the treatment of adolescents for eating disorders. They are the following:

1. Diagnosis–Adolescents may have significant health risks associated with dysfunctional weight control practices.

2. Treatment–It should be a lower symptom levels than for adults.

3. Nutritional Management–This should reflect the patient’s age, stage in puberty, and current physical activity level.

4. Family-based Treatment–Family should be considered an essential part of treatment of adolescents.

Assessment and Treatment of Adolescent–This should be done by a knowledgeable team of experts.

In general, an adolescent may be treated either in his or her own home, or at a local clinic. Typically, adolescents start in outpatient treatment with regular visits to both the medical and mental health providers, and then they progress to more intensive treatment once their conditions is better understood and they haven’t responded positively enough to prior treatment.

It is critical to customize the treatment plan to each individual adolescent. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment for eating disorders in adolescents. If you want to make sure to maximize the chance of helping an eating disorder victim, you have to personalize their recovery, including their diet, their exercise, and their therapy.

What some people fail to realize is that an eating disorder is as much a mental issue as it is physical. Most people recognize the problems inherent in developing an eating disorder, so it’s important to approach the problem from their mental state and work from there.

If you or an adolescent you know is suffering from an eating disorder, it is in their best interest to seek immediate professional help.  …

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What Is Aromatherapy? – Plain And Simple

What Is Aromatherapy? – Plain And Simple

Many people know Aromatherapy to be beautiful smelling scents or a luxurious massage that they enjoy having once in a while.

Well I am here to tell you that it is much more than this.

Yes it is true essential oils or most of them smell beautiful and have the power to transport us to another place or time on an emotional level they can evoke positive responses, uplift our emotions, reducing stress, tension, anxiety and depression. They help to raise our self confidence, enhance our memory, promote relaxation or enhance our energy. They improve our state of mind.

On a physical level Aromatherapists use specific essential oils to assist in reducing symptoms of PMT and PMS, muscular aches and pains, inflammation and arthritic conditions. Some oils promote circulation, aid in the digestive processes, assist with IBS, rid the body of unwanted toxins and they are very good for boosting and improving our immune system. They are used in hair care, for hair and scalp conditions such as dandruff, to improve the condition of our hair.

I personally have had 17 years of working with my daughter treating and supporting her with essential oils, along with orthodox medications (for which I am very grateful as it has saved her life) for chronic lung disease, digestive problems and her emotional state of mind where she experiences depression, fear and anxiety. My daughter was born in 1988, Royal Women’s Hospital, Sydney Australia. She was the youngest and smallest TOF baby born at that time, being 8weeks premature and weighing 1190 grams. I will go into more detail another time. My point is that I have found aromatherapy and other natural therapies to be an essential part of her treatments. I am equally supportive of orthodox and traditional/alternative medicine, there have been times when prescribed medicines simply have not worked and aromatherapy and naturopathic medicine has. Doctors and modern medicine saved my daughter’s life at birth more than several times throughout her life. Natural/alternative medicine has supported her without any doubt where modern medicine hasn’t.

How many of us love to take care of our skin?

We cleanse, tone, and moisture every, once in a while we will use serums and masks to nourish and boost our skins health. Pure essential oils are natural and safe to use on your skin and will improve your skins integrity, reduce scars, improve elasticity, reduce the onset of wrinkles and slow down the aging process. Some essential oils are excellent for the treatment of acne, reducing scarring and inflammation, healing wounds, treating symptoms of many skin conditions.

Essential oils are produced from different plant materials such as woods, bark, leaves, flowers, berries and more, by various extraction methods. They are very potent, approximately 70 times stronger than the original plant they are derived from.

There are many factors involved in improving our health and well being including good nutrition, water and fluid intake, exercise and so on. It is called ‘synergy’ a combination of all of the above to produce the best results.

The Beauty or should I say one of the beauties of Aromatherapy and natural medicine is that we can personalise and custom make products to suit your specific needs. We are all individuals with specific and unique needs. I hope this has given you a better understanding of one of my greatest passions I absolutely believe in Aromatherapy, because I have seen amazing results first hand. I encourage and invite you to reach out and learn more about the world of Aromatherapy and how you can incorporate it into your everyday lives easily and with little effort to improve your health and well being on all levels.…

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How to Gain Height After Puberty Safely

How to Gain Height After Puberty Safely

Height is an issue of great concern for today’s generation. It is very important to have a good height in order to look presentable. For more than girls it is important for boys to get taller. Not that it is some basic criterion but this is the present generation fad to be tall. So the question is how to gain height? Although gaining height is mostly depended upon the genes but there are a few things which can help you to increase height.

The first and foremost factor to be considered to increases the height of the person is the diet. It is very important that if you wish to increase your height you eat good balanced diet. It is often seen that people who are poor eaters or do not take proper diet or neglect the importance of diet, do not grow properly. It is very important that from the childhood children should be told about the benefits of good diet and drawbacks of not having a proper diet. Food is the fuel for body and without good fuel the body cannot work properly. It is very important to nurture and nourish your body with food rich in essential vitamins, minerals etc. If you cannot do it yourself then you can take help of a nutritionist. The nutritionist would study the basic requirements needed by your body and guide you towards taking that kind of diet. Again taking a good and well balanced diet would not increase your height instantly. It is a gradual process and the diet has to become your life style.

Secondly it is very important that you do exercise. Exercise is very important and it helps to increase height also. There are various exercises which help you to gain height. The various stretching exercises also help you to gain height. There are various yoga exercises also which helps you to gain height. Again it is very important that you take professional guidance for this. There are various gymnasium or health centres from where you can avail these services. You should not do any physical activity without proper guidance.

Thirdly you can take some medicines which are available in the market to increase height. But it is very dangerous to take these medicines on your own. You should consult a doctor before you take any such medicine to increase your height. Your doctor would take care of all your needs and assess your health conditions and then prescribe you with supplements.

These are some of the measures that you can take to gain height. Although these measures are not sure short measures to gain height but these can certainly help your chances of gaining height. You can take all these measures to increase your height but you must not forget that your physical attributes are because of your genes. You can get help from all these suggested measures. But you should also keep in mind that you should not take any medicines or supplements to gain height on your own.…

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General Information About Adolescence

General Information About Adolescence

Adolescence is the period of body growth and metal development that takes place between the onset of puberty and the attainment of physical and emotional maturity. Although girls undergo greater physical change during puberty than do boys, they tend to reach puberty earlier and take less time to reach maturity. Adolescence in young women begins around age 11 and continues through about age 16. In young men, the corresponding period begins about age 13 and continues through about age 18. After about age 14, males are, on the average, heavier and taller than females.

Question: What physical changes take place during adolescence?

In boys, the genitals increase in size; pubic hair appears, then armpit and facial hair; the voice becomes deeper. In girls, the breasts develop; armpit and pubic hair appears; and menstruation begins.

Question: What emotional and behavioral changes accompany these physical changes?

Hormonal changes awaken sexual feelings, and most late-adolescents have some sexual experience. Dating normally begins during mid-adolescence.

Hormonal changes also account for the moodiness for which adolescents are well known. Adolescents who have difficulty adjusting to physical changes may become depressed or apathetic. Alternately, there are times when intense physical energy leads adolescents to unbounded enthusiasm for particular activities or causes.

There may also be a reaction against authority. The individual young person at this time often experiences the desire to express his or her own personality, form a definite character, and experience as many new sensations as possible. Most adolescents welcome the opportunity to take on more responsibility and become more independent. However, they may have difficulty at first in handling the challenge. They may, thus, at one time act independently and at other times want to be more dependent. These natural changes in attitude cause stress for the adolescent. This stress should be recognized by the adolescent and by his or her parents.

Some of the experimentation in various activities, such as smoking and drinking alcohol that is common among many adolescents, also may represent a form of determined independence. But the desire for new experiences may, in some cases, lead to problems (drug-taking, for example).

Question: How can parents prepare their child for adolescence?

Children should be told frankly and sensibly about the upcoming changes in their body. Information about sex should be provided in a way tat is easily understood and that leaves no questions unanswered. This information is best supplied by a parent or someone with whom the child has an emotionally stable relationship. In many schools, programs are available tat highlight the dangers of casual sex, smoking, and alcohol and drug addiction.

Question: How can parents help an adolescent child?

Adolescents come under considerable pressure from the dictates of their own group, which encourages them to conform. The bodily processes leading to physical maturity may also give rise to discomfort or embarrassment. One of the best ways that parents and other people can help is to provide understanding, sympathy, advice, and helpful discussion on all the physiological and psychological problems that accompany this time. Late-maturing adolescents, especially boys, tend to have a poorer opinion of themselves than do those who mature early or at an average rate.…

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Prescription Medicine For ADHD and Why Your Child May Not Need It

Prescription Medicine For ADHD and Why Your Child May Not Need It

Why is there such an enormous increase in prescribing prescription medicine for ADHD? It is common place for a two year old to be on three different medicines! These are very disturbing facts and as a parent you should be questioning any prescription medicine for ADHD that your doctor is trying to give your child.

The first question you should be asking yourself is why the increase in supposed illnesses such as anxiety disorders, ADHD, bipolar disorder, autism in children? We are not talking a small increase, according to some reports like the PBS Frontline show “The Medicated Child” it was stated that there is a 4,000 percent increase in the last ten years of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The experts suggest many reasons including environmental reasons, misdiagnosis and genetics, but the real question is with so many side effects and no real knowledge of future repercussions of all the prescription medicines for ADHD in children is it still prescribed so freely. These children are given medication after medication. If one medicine doesn’t work let’s try another until finally they are so confused mentally that they actually do develop tics or mental anxiety issues.

This over prescribed mentality isn’t just for the children. If you go into your doctor’s office and ask for an antidepressant you’ll get it. If you have allergies and want a prescription it will be given to you. If you have osteoporosis the medical profession doesn’t explain in much detail about how to eat right, exercise and take vitamin D along with the calcium to maintain or reverse bone loss; or the fact that everyone loses some bone as they age; no, the first option with most conventional doctors is to prescribe “bone building” prescriptions that are now being proven to actually cause more fractures. The body has a wonderful capacity to heal itself in most instances if given the chance.

I can say from experiences in talking with parents that over half of the children taking prescription medicine for ADHD can in fact say no to teachers and the quick fix politics of medicine and find another alternative. I’m sure you have heard it before on the news about the American diet and how it is killing us and setting our children up for many illnesses in their future. Just getting back to a more healthy way of eating can reverse many illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Have you noticed how many children have food allergies in the last ten years? Do you think it might coincide with the fast food nation epidemic? I do.

Why risk your child’s mental health and future dependency on drugs with unproven and unstudied psychiatric drugs when there are so many other alternatives that do not have horrible side effects.

For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect.”

~Pfeiffer’s Law~, Dr Carl C. Pfeiffer, MD, PhD…