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Will Toxins Turn Your Daughter Into a Pregnant Teen?

Will Toxins Turn Your Daughter Into a Pregnant Teen?

Or will they give you or her breast cancer?

Recent research is showing that all sorts of toxins mimic estrogen – and when young children are exposed to them they mature way before their time.

It can mean reaching puberty as young as 7 to 9 years old. The short term effects can mean early pregnancy – because children of this age have not yet developed the social skills to over-ride their raging hormones. But who knows what the long term effects may be? New studies are pointing to a higher incidence of breast cancer in women who are exposed to these toxins. And if you start exposing your children from birth – what then?

The Society of Toxicology has examined the issue, but will anything change?

From what I’m reading, some of the worst offenders are found in non-stick cookware, and in plastics. So please, get some glass containers to store food in the refrigerator. And when you re-heat things, do it in glass. Replace that handy non-stick stuff with some stainless steel, or a good old iron frying pan. You know, if you “season” an iron frying pan properly, it’s almost as non-stick as Teflon.

But… it’s also in our food supply and in the household chemicals and cosmetics we use. You can go back to natural things for cleaning, but you can’t control the hormones that are pumped into the meat you eat and the toxins sprayed on the fruits and vegetables. The only thing you can do is try to find organic food. Not always easy, always more expensive, but perhaps vital to your health.

Here’s the report from one health newsletter I receive:

“In a major study of 17,000 American girls, seven percent of Caucasians girls and a shocking 27 percent of African-American girls were either growing breasts or pubic hair by age seven.

Even more upsetting, precocious puberty was seen in three percent of African-Americans and one percent of Caucasians by age three!

What are the consequences of this bizarre phenomenon? Studies have shown that girls who go through puberty too soon also:

Have sex earlier

Run greater risk of pregnancy

Suffer from behavioral problems

Have a lower IQ

Are more likely to drink, smoke and

Are more likely to commit suicide

They’re also more likely to develop breast and ovarian cancer later in life, and to become infertile.

But big pharm has the answer: Yet another dangerous drug.

Lupron, their drug to treat precocious puberty, blocks production of your own natural sex hormones and has 265 known side effects, including convulsions and cancer.

So first the FDA will allow you to be attacked by toxins in your food and household supplies, and then they’ll allow big pharm to attack you yet again – in the guise of a “cure.”

So… stay away from toxins all you can, and look for natural ways to good health.

One more thing you can do – fill your home with green living things – because they can filter toxins coming into the air from your carpeting, curtains, etc. For instance, Boston ferns can detoxify 1,000 micrograms of formaldehyde from the air in one hour.     …

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Bad Acne Tips

Bad Acne Tips

Acne in general is a problem that plaques almost everyone, even older adults. However, it mostly becomes problematic with children and teenagers. In fact, eight out of 10 teenagers will most likely get acne around puberty, more so than anyone else!

The problem with acne is not that it is just uncomfortable, but also that it can cause other problems as well such as scarring. Acne and other skin problems such as whiteheads and blackheads happen when the skin follicles are “blocked”.

When this happens, the oils from your skin become so thick that it actually blocks the pores and oftentimes creates infections and bacteria – out comes the acne! I know for a lot of children and teenagers this becomes more of a vanity problem than anything else. I know, I remember being a teenager and how important it is to keep up with your looks!

A lot of people might tell you to get medication for a problem such as this, but I am going to suggest a more natural way – possibly a lifestyle change that might help you! First off, it is important that you always wash your face every morning and every night. Do not use just regular soap and water.

Instead, get an exfoliating scrub as well as a cleanser and a washcloth – also be sure you use warm water! Secondly, if at all possible, stay away from foods that contain a lot of oil like pizza and even chocolate. Dark chocolate can be healthy for you to eat, but regular white and milk chocolate can actually cause more acne and pimples because it clogs up the pores!

Next, you need to start drinking more water. This is usually the treatment for most health problems have it be weight loss, constipation, or acne because it allows the body to “flush out” the toxins in your body when you have something like bad acne. Usually it is advised that you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day in order to flush out your system from these toxins that cause bad acne.

Lastly, it is important that you try to stay away from stress as much as possible! I am in my late 20s and do not usually get bad acne, but I notice that as soon as I am in a highly stressful state one or two always seem to pop up! I know as a teenager and as an adult it is really hard to stay stress free.

In some cases, stress is actually a healthy part of life. But, if at all possible try to do things that will keep high stress out of your life to help your bad acne. You could consider taking up meditation, breathing exercises or even just make your life a little more organized!…

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Treating Cats With Heartworm Disease

Treating Cats With Heartworm Disease

It is important for pet-owners to use heartworm medicine for cats to prevent the onset of disease. Heartworm disease is very dangerous, and can even be life-threatening. When the heartworms have developed enough, they can live inside the heart. This disease is more commonly seen in dogs. However, cats can also get this disease. The parasite known as Dirofilaria, or heartworm, comes from a mosquito bite. The saliva of the mosquito has larvae, which is injected into the bloodstream. They can incubate for a while. The parasites have to go through many stages before they develop into an adult worm. It takes about six months for the disease to get worse. The worms burrow themselves into the tissues of the cat. However, they have a byproduct called microfilariae which travel in the blood stream. This makes it easier for vets to diagnose. A simple blood test is needed.

The heart of cats is significantly smaller than that of a dog’s. This is why they are in more of a risk when it comes to heartworm disease. Just one worm could prove to be lethal. It is important that every cat-owner knows the symptoms of the disease, so they can take their cat to the vet as necessary. If you notice that your cat has been coughing, and he has less energy than usual, it could be the first sign. Anemia and bloody sputum are also symptoms of the disease. Because these are symptoms of other diseases as well, they can be pretty hard to differentiate from others.

There are many forms of treatment available for cats with heartworm disease. Your veterinarian can administer heartworm medicine for cats. However, you should never give any form of medication to your cat without consulting the vet first. Some drugs may not be suitable for certain cats, and can cause severe side effects. The best way to fight off heartworms is still prevention.

Revolution is one of the best preventive heartworm medicines for cats. It is a topical solution, and is not invasive. It also works on other parasites like intestinal worms, ear mites, and fleas. All you need is one effective product for all these complications. The medication must be applied once a month on the skin behind the neck or between the shoulder blades. The medication is able to kill and eliminate both heartworms in its larvae stage. Furthermore, both cats and dogs for various parasitic diseases can use it. Also, it kills flea eggs and adult fleas. This maintenance solution is very effective in preventing all kinds of complications from parasites.

Before trying any heartworm medication for cats, make sure that you consult a veterinarian first. He will know which are suitable for your cat. A complete medical history might be needed to ensure that your cat will not have any adverse reactions to any of the medication. Also, this will ensure that your cat’s heartworm disease is not severe. In some cases, specific kinds of medication which target adult heartworms may be needed.…

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Child Discipline – Best Ways to Discipline a Child

Child Discipline – Best Ways to Discipline a Child

Child discipline is very important and should be instilled throughout. However, the exact methods to use while disciplining your child will vary depending on the age of your child. A child is anyone who has not reached puberty. Some of the common questions that parents ask themselves are how do they effectively discipline children to change their behaviors, what do you do with a child who is indiscipline and many more questions that are similar. Avoid as much as it is possible to spank a young children, send him to bed early or take something away from them that they may be attach with. Beyond here especially when they approach puberty it becomes increasing impossible.

Discipline or Punishment – Before looking deeper into child discipline, one thing should be clear. There is a big difference between discipline and punishment. The former involves training and education your child to be responsible of their behaviors’ consequences irrespective of their ages while the latter is enforcing or using power to a child who has behaved unacceptably. Since discipline will help a child to grow up responsibly and in a balanced manner, knowing they are accountable for the way they behave positively, it is the right way to go. The only unfortunate thing is that as children approach puberty, they might ignore discipline efforts, and this requires many parents to resort to punishments to get attention.

Why do children lack disciplined when they approach puberty? As children grow and reach puberty, they want to create their own life where they make decision they want especially with the onset of teenage. On the other hand, parents want them to help at home, excel in school and be good to their siblings. The two views often create a conflict and parents have to use some forms of manipulation to prepare the children for higher responsibilities in life, especially those who are already teenagers.

Child Discipline and Age – Child discipline might vary as they grow to teenagers since at this time, they want a high social life such as using the family car while doing some activities and if their behaviors are inappropriate or they have weak grades in school, parents take away such things as a way of reinforcing cooperation. Once you have adopted a way of disciplining your child, stick to it so that he knows the significance of the values you are instilling in him. If your child is approaching his teens and he is not performing well, when you decide to reduce the number of hours he will watch TV, ensure that it is followed to the latter. This will show him the significance of his education.

Finally, child discipline will involve effective communication. Ensure you keep the communication channels open for your child though it will be increasing difficult as the child approached puberty. Have a good balance by being firm on what you consider as very important and put in place consequences that are fair and so natural. Avoid over controlling as it could be resented and the child might withdraw completely. Also, ensure you have meaningful and intelligent conversations whose objective is to educate them on their behaviors and the future they need to have as they grow to adulthood.…

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Who is Sharing Your Bed and Giving You Acne?

Who is Sharing Your Bed and Giving You Acne?

Do you know who or what is in your bed possibly giving you acne?

That’s right you could be sleeping with a dirty pillow or to be more precise a dirty pillowcase.

Did you know that your pillowcase and your sheets have lots of microbes, oils, bacteria, and dust on them.

Did you know that if you have bad acne or lots of open or big pores you can let this filth into your body?

Do you want the filth that’s on your dirty pillowcase entering your body?

If not then use a clean pillowcase every single night or put a clean towel over your pillow every single night for at least seven to ten days.

You want to do this for seven to ten days so that you can see if your skin is clearing up. Don’t be lazy take the time once a week to wash your sheets and it’s a good idea to dry them before you put them back on your bed.)

Ugly acne is an unsightly problem but it’s not a problem that can’t be beaten.

There are many effective steps you can take to help you reduce or remove your acne. Just ask yourself this question: ‘What touches my face and skin?’

Take the following steps to help reduce your spots:

Step One: Wash your hair everyday

Not only do you need to wash your hair everyday but don’t let your hair touch your face as your hair contains oils that will plug up your pores.

Step Two: Wash your face several times a day

You need to be washing your face several times a day because as you go about your daily routine the dirt and crap that is in the air is constantly landing on your face and going into your open pores.

Think about it!

As an example if a truck drives past think of all the dust and fumes it throws up in the air. If your standing there you get a face full of acne causing substances. These kinds of things are happening constantly in your neighborhood, so wash your face several times a day. I wash my face before every meal just so that I’d form the habit.

Step Three: Always wear clean clothes

Anything that touches your face can leave behind contaminants. These contaminants can cause acne so don’t risk it just put on clean clothes every day and change them if you’ve been active.

Step Four: Shower every day

You want to be showering every day with a non perfumed soap. Believe it or not this is not the case for most people. It’s a good idea to shower and not bath as bath water will be contaminated after you wash yourself and don’t forget to use a clean towel every time and pat the acne areas dry

Bonus Step: Make sure you are drinking two glasses of water with every meal and taking steps to improve your diet by starting to eat a healthier.

Now you know that your pillowcase could be causing your acne to spread so keep it clean as well as your bed sheets.…

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Navajo Woman Entering Puberty

Navajo Woman Entering Puberty

One of the most important events in my life that happened was when I became a woman. In my tribe, Navajo, the women who have their first menstruation usually have a ceremony to celebrate this special event. Most women do not celebrate this moment but rather are embarrassed but within my tribe it is celebrated. Once I told my mother of my menstruation, she was on the phone telling all my relatives. Then on with the planning with the weeks of event which would be held at my mom’s family home. Within the Navajo tribe, everything is matrilineal which means the tribe is female oriented. Our clans are based on the female’s clans not the males. This event is so special that I have never seen my father cry and that night he cried and hugged me telling me I am not his little girl anymore but a woman. I will always remember that night because of it.

The puberty ceremony is a week event and on the last day a ceremony dinner is made to the family who has helped through the week long ceremony. Throughout the week, there are several tasks that are done and are told of the significance of it so it tells me of what a strong Navajo woman is. Every morning, you run towards the east and each day you run a little farther. You are not the only one running but relatives mostly young people are yelling behind you which is telling everyone that I am transitioning into womanhood.

On the last night, the medicine man sings all night and you would stay up the whole night. It would also be the last morning to run and from that a special meal is made for the families to eat and celebrate the event. From then you are known as a woman and are responsible with all duties that are associated with being a woman.…

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers For Medical Mistakes

Medical Malpractice Lawyers For Medical Mistakes

Every profession, no matter what field is its scope, is precious and should be valued. It is one of the greatest achievements of an individual; to have a profession at its choice, dream and goal. There are lots of field of professions that exist in the world today: accounting, engineering, architecture, education, business administration, law and the most common field is the field of medicine. Having a profession is not that easy since it has accompanying risks and consequences that you have to face while you exercise your profession. Talking about riskiness, the medical field is said to be the most risky field of all professions.

In the medical world that comprise the doctors, nurses, caregivers, paramedics and the other health care providers, they are exposed to lots of risk and consequences and as much as possible, they should avoid it towards their patients. Medical malpractice is one of the most tragic risks and it is sometime inevitable.

Medical malpractice is a form of negligence by act or omission done by a professional especially of a health care provider towards his or her patients while practicing his or her field of profession. What happens usually is that the health care providers deviate from the regulations and standards due to fraud, errors, bribery of just to hide a lie and a secret. When these incidents happen, there is a big need of medical malpractice lawyers to settle, investigate and justify the accidents.

Medical malpractice lawyers are professionals or experts that are in the scope of medicine. They are the lawyers that have a wide scope in the medicine world; the medical problems and the medical laws. With the help of these medical malpractice lawyers, the medical circumstances faced by the accused health care providers can have its claim; reach the courts in the fastest and complete way possible. Their job is to work with the hospital system, investigate the issue, and learn well the medical systems and laws and to find out what the most possible legal and right options for you. It is a matter of grace period given to you and your patient while finding ways and means to fight for your rights.

Major operations or any other medical treatment requires waiver but this does not mean that you will never be held liable whenever you commit medical malpractice. It is still your duty to give your patient due care in treating his or her illness. Appropriate standards and regulations are given and presented for you and you should be very conscious and aware of each of its details. It is better that you will have your own and personal medical malpractice lawyers ready in cases of inevitable accidents. Medical malpractice lawyers are not just for instances when a medicine specialist has done a medical malpractice but they also fight for the rights of the specialists whenever they are deprived or accused of something that is not factual.

Medical mistakes can happen anytime if you do not give concentration and due care to your patients. If it is your choice to feel lax in being a health care provider, you will still suffer in the end. Giving passion and attention to everything you do will put you and your profession at ease and value.…