Could Preventative Natural Medicine Be The Key To Ensuring Long-Term Health and Wellness?

By lexutor Aug24,2022

Could Preventative Natural Medicine Be The Key To Ensuring Long-Term Health and Wellness?

As with most days I wake up early, grab a cup of coffee, and catch a little business news to see just how quickly my retirement savings are vanishing. Probably, not that much different than many of you reading this article.

But today was a little more depressing than most as the CEO of one of the major medical insurance companies was describing how he had been working on a plan to drive down the cost of health insurance.

I must admit, even for a self described wordsmith like myself what he said made my head spin and wonder whether someone had spiked my coffee. Well, my spouse was gone and that only leaves the pets. Could the cat have done it? Probably not!

My best interpretation of what he said was that he was diligently working with doctors to reduce the amount of treatment provided. Not only that his company was going to reward doctors for providing us less treatment.

A scary message, but I fear this could easily be an omen of things to come leaving most of us to fend for ourselves or at the very least not receiving the quality of care we have become accustomed to.

This leads us to the possibility that achieving wellness with the help of natural remedies possibly combined with better lifestyle choices could be our only defense against disease and illness down the road. In other words focusing on preventative medicine instead of reactive medicine. The world of natural and alternative medicine includes herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, chiropractic care, aromatherapy, mind and body therapies, and so much more. For those of you who haven’t explored this world, or have opted to go to the dark side with a handful of prescription drugs daily, this might be a good time to rediscover the world of natural health and wellness.

According to the CDC the average American age 60 takes 5 prescription medications every day.

Herbal and homeopathic remedies along with omega 3 supplements will be three of the best tools at your disposal for preventing illness and achieving optimal health.

Herbal remedies such as echinacea (immune system health), goldenseal root (immune system health), bilberry (for eyesight), saw palmetto (prostate health), ginkgo biloba (mental clarity), ginseng (circulation and general wellness), passion flower (anxiety), and St. John’s wort (mild depression) are just a few herbs which have been used for centuries to help prevent illness and work with the body to heal illness.

While herbal medicine can be put to good use many natural health advocates believe homeopathy is perhaps the most underrated natural treatment method of all.

If you aren’t familiar with this type of medicine it is the science of dilutions. When homeopathic remedies are carefully formulated by an expert they are not only considered to be one of the safest treatments available but some of the most effective.

And finally, there are the omega 3 supplements which are thought to help with over 60 different conditions and illnesses including improving heart and artery health, reducing arthritis pain and discomfort, and tamping down internal inflammation.

If a person were to combine these three natural remedies with chiropractic care, exercise, and few lifestyle modifications there is a good chance they would feel a whole lot better and spend less time in the doctor’s office.

Perhaps, the aforementioned CEO believes he has all of us over the barrel but he really doesn’t, that is if we are willing to take aggressive preventative steps to achieve optimal health and wellness.

By lexutor

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