What Is Aromatherapy? – Plain And Simple

By lexutor Oct1,2022

What Is Aromatherapy? – Plain And Simple

Many people know Aromatherapy to be beautiful smelling scents or a luxurious massage that they enjoy having once in a while.

Well I am here to tell you that it is much more than this.

Yes it is true essential oils or most of them smell beautiful and have the power to transport us to another place or time on an emotional level they can evoke positive responses, uplift our emotions, reducing stress, tension, anxiety and depression. They help to raise our self confidence, enhance our memory, promote relaxation or enhance our energy. They improve our state of mind.

On a physical level Aromatherapists use specific essential oils to assist in reducing symptoms of PMT and PMS, muscular aches and pains, inflammation and arthritic conditions. Some oils promote circulation, aid in the digestive processes, assist with IBS, rid the body of unwanted toxins and they are very good for boosting and improving our immune system. They are used in hair care, for hair and scalp conditions such as dandruff, to improve the condition of our hair.

I personally have had 17 years of working with my daughter treating and supporting her with essential oils, along with orthodox medications (for which I am very grateful as it has saved her life) for chronic lung disease, digestive problems and her emotional state of mind where she experiences depression, fear and anxiety. My daughter was born in 1988, Royal Women’s Hospital, Sydney Australia. She was the youngest and smallest TOF baby born at that time, being 8weeks premature and weighing 1190 grams. I will go into more detail another time. My point is that I have found aromatherapy and other natural therapies to be an essential part of her treatments. I am equally supportive of orthodox and traditional/alternative medicine, there have been times when prescribed medicines simply have not worked and aromatherapy and naturopathic medicine has. Doctors and modern medicine saved my daughter’s life at birth more than several times throughout her life. Natural/alternative medicine has supported her without any doubt where modern medicine hasn’t.

How many of us love to take care of our skin?

We cleanse, tone, and moisture every, once in a while we will use serums and masks to nourish and boost our skins health. Pure essential oils are natural and safe to use on your skin and will improve your skins integrity, reduce scars, improve elasticity, reduce the onset of wrinkles and slow down the aging process. Some essential oils are excellent for the treatment of acne, reducing scarring and inflammation, healing wounds, treating symptoms of many skin conditions.

Essential oils are produced from different plant materials such as woods, bark, leaves, flowers, berries and more, by various extraction methods. They are very potent, approximately 70 times stronger than the original plant they are derived from.

There are many factors involved in improving our health and well being including good nutrition, water and fluid intake, exercise and so on. It is called ‘synergy’ a combination of all of the above to produce the best results.

The Beauty or should I say one of the beauties of Aromatherapy and natural medicine is that we can personalise and custom make products to suit your specific needs. We are all individuals with specific and unique needs. I hope this has given you a better understanding of one of my greatest passions I absolutely believe in Aromatherapy, because I have seen amazing results first hand. I encourage and invite you to reach out and learn more about the world of Aromatherapy and how you can incorporate it into your everyday lives easily and with little effort to improve your health and well being on all levels.

By lexutor

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