The “little tips” to move without stress in a senior residence

Are you in the process of moving to a senior residence or assisted living facility? Well, there are several things you need to know. For a happy move into a senior residence, follow the tips below.

The Boxes

Start getting your boxes 3 to 4 weeks in advance. Pack first what you do not use regularly, such as summer or winter clothes (depending on the season), trinkets that sit on your furniture, dishes for special occasions, photo albums, archival documents, and books.

Bring scissors, cutters, markers, tape, and bubble wrap. Do not hesitate about the number of boxes you may need: small and medium; the big ones are often heavy to carry! Mark on your boxes where they will have to be deposited (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom). If possible, briefly describe what the boxes contain (books, dishes, bed linen).

Contracts and Subscriptions

Notify your gas and electricity companies in advance of your departure date, cancel your telephone and internet subscriptions or have them transferred to your new address. Two weeks before your departure, send letters to all administrations (mutual, social security, and various organizations).

Go to the post office two weeks before the scheduled date of your move to forward your mail (several options; three months, six months or one year will be offered to you)

The Moving Company

Choose a mover near you. Depending on your budget and the services provided), professional movers can go as far as packing, disassembling, transporting, and putting everything back in place! (boxes, furniture, appliances). A sales representative will travel to your existing home to make a fair estimate of your volume to be moved. If you make the estimate yourself and your volume exceeds your estimate, you will have to pay an additional fee! It is important to note that you should book your mover well in advance, especially if you move during the summer! Make sure the mover knows that your final destination is a Winter Park assisted living facility. 


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