Is it a Papule or a Pustule? Part 1 – Acne Solution

Is it a Papule or a Pustule? Part 1 – Acne Solution

Everyone gets spots and zits the same way but this acne comes in many different shapes and sizes and your bodies reaction is different than the next persons. Note that every persons acne starts at the beginning with an enlarged hair follicle plugged with oil and bacteria. When the right conditions present themselves it grows into an inflamed lesion.

Acne is largely caused by our natural skin oils clogging the pores of our skin and then a natural bacteria, which thrives on skin oils, causes the infections which results in acne As time passes your body will produce more and more oil meanwhile at the same time the trapped bacterias’ numbers are growing and growing.

Your skin becomes more inflamed!

Do you have a papule or a pustule?

A papule is the beginning or mildest form of inflammatory acne and it look like a little pink spot that feels tough but could be a little painful to the touch. Never squeeze a papule or you could get an acne scaring.

The danger of a papule is that it’s like a road side bomb.

A papule can leave an impaction behind when it has cleared up that can flare up repeatedly over time. Don’t worry if this happens as you can find a medical man like a dermatologist and he can inject you with cortisone. This injection will prevent scarring and that ugly redness around the papule.

How do you treat a papule?

As papules are benign lesions that you can have removed surgically. If that seems a little extreme then you can try an over the counter medication like benzoyl peroxide, which is like an antibacterial agent and will dry out the skin a little. If you don’t like either of these then you can look for a holistic solution like tomato mask etc. You can find these by going to Google and typing in the search box – papule +holistic acne cure

How do you prevent a papule?

1. Drink 2 cups water with every meal 2. Wash your face twice a day with a non-perfumed soap 3. Pat dry with a clean towel. Make sure you also wash after some exercise or if you feel dirty. Don’t over wash as you will wash off the oils your skin needs and that can lead to other issues.

If it’s not a papule then it must be a pustule.

So far in part 1 of “Is It A Papule Or A Pustule” we have looked at an acne papule in part 2 of this miniseries we will examine acne pustule what it is and how to get rid of it.

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