Home Energy Efficiency Made Simple

By lexutor Nov3,2020

Using less energy at home doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dramatically change your lifestyle or do without the things you need. A few minor changes can amount to a big difference. Here are some simple but effective ways that you can reduce your energy consumption.

Take Care of Your HVAC System

Improper maintenance can put a considerable toll on a home’s HVAC system. When a system hasn’t been cleaned and calibrated, it may have to work much harder than it should have to. It may run almost nonstop trying to reach your desired temperature settings. Be sure to have your system cleaned and serviced every year. Consider getting a service contract so cleanings and maintenance services will be priced affordably, and you can build them into your budget predictably.

Insulate Your Home

Good home insulation is another highly efficient way to support your HVAC system and use less electricity on heating and cooling. Even a super well-maintained system will struggle to keep up with heating and cooling if your home isn’t well insulated. If you need help with Pittsburgh spray foam insulation, reach out to a company that specializes in insulation and has extensive experience serving residential customers in your area.

Update Outdated Appliances

If your home has large appliances that are ten, fifteen, or even or twenty-five years old, it may be time to think about switching them out for newer models. Newer large appliances tend to perform better, and they also use significantly less electricity. Look for a model that’s ENERGY STAR rated.

 Taking steps to use less energy won’t force you to rearrange your homelife. You can use less energy while still enjoying all the comforts of home. In addition to helping the environment by living more sustainably, you’ll also see some savings on your monthly energy bill.

By lexutor

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