Identifying Addiction Issues With Our Loved Ones

By lexutor Apr14,2021

Many times, people only start seeing the addiction issues when they have reached a crisis level. They begin to question themselves about why they hadn’t noticed it long ago.

However, just as with many other things, it’s easy to not notice the situation with those closest to you because they disguise it well. Also, people try to convince themselves that what they are seeing might not be real. 

Here are the things to take note of if you believe a loved one has an addiction problem and how to deal with them through helpful Denver rehab programs.

What Is The Concept Of Addiction?

Identifying an addiction disorder in a friend or family member can be more difficult than it seems. The American Society of Addiction Medicine describes addiction as a persistent condition, which affects the normal functioning of the brain, including its memory and motivation. 

Someone who is addicted to a drug or other behavioral patterns would crave it. They’ll also neglect other aspects of their lives in order to satisfy or support their desires.

The following are some of the most common symptoms of addiction:

  • Ignoring threat components, like rationing needles even though there may be possible consequences 
  • Physical effects, such as signs of lockdown or withdrawal or the need for higher dosage for impact 
  • Reduced socialization, such as leaving commitments or ignoring relationships 

These symptoms are often associated. The severity of each symptom can vary based on how long the dependency has been present.

A healthy individual will typically recognize and avoid negative actions. This may not be the situation with somebody who is addicted to something. They’ll find ways to explain and continue their actions than admit there’s an issue.

The ability to identify physical, behavioral, and emotional signals in your friends or family members, such as sudden weight or personality changes, is the first step toward seeking help. 

If you or someone you know has an addiction, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) can assist you with Denver rehab.

Addictions Come In Different Ways

Although drug abuse is the most prevalent form of addiction, behavioral addictions such as gambling can be just as dangerous.

Addiction, according to ASAM, occurs when an individual has yet to consistently refrain from engaging in an activity or consuming a drug.

This is also at the detriment of their emotional and physical well-being.

Substance addiction is described as a dependency on some or all of the following substances:

Inhalants, such as oven cleaners, spray paints, or other aerosol products, often contain nicotine or tobacco. Drugs, illicit or non-illicit medication

According to research, behavioral addictions are just as dangerous as drug addictions. 

Both lead to dependence and the same or related negative outcomes. The following are examples of behavioral addiction: gambling, working, sex, shopping, and playing excessive video games on the internet.

It’s important to identify warning signs and seek treatment if possible, regardless of the form of addiction.

The earlier you intercept an addiction problem/, the easier it is to find the root cause, treat the individual and prevent a relapse.

By lexutor

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