Career Ideas for Working With the Elderly

By lexutor May27,2020

Do you love listening to the stories your grandparents tell? Have you always had an appreciation for the elderly generation? Maybe it’s time to consider what it could be like to actually get paid to spend time with them. Read on for several ideas of careers in which you would work around senior citizens on a consistent basis.

Certified Nursing Aide

If you lean more toward wanting to help the elderly in a more physical manner, you should consider being a certified nursing aide (CNA) at nursing or assisted living facilities MO. As a CNA, you would be responsible for caring for the elderly under the direction of a registered nurse. You could be in charge of bathing or feeding them, or even helping the elderly use the restroom. While this may not be a glamorous job, it is an absolute necessity in many cases.

Nursing Home Director

As the director of a nursing home, you would have an incredible opportunity to ensure numerous senior citizens are well taken care of, in every facet of their lives. This job would require you to manage a large staff and ensure all governmental regulations are met on a daily basis, so you must have both a good understanding of business and social interactions. You might not have as much one-on-one contact with the elderly, though.

Occupational Therapist

Typically responsible for helping people relearn or maintain skills necessary for everyday life, occupational therapists can specialize in working with geriatric patients. Your job as an occupational therapist could consist of helping elderly patients learn how to bathe, put on clothes, or cook after health events like strokes, heart attacks, or injuries that might have changed their limitations.

There are countless careers that work with the elderly population, including as a certified nurse aide, nursing home director, and occupational therapist.

By lexutor

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