Alternative Medicine Treatment – Which Ones Should You Be Using?

By lexutor May15,2022

Alternative Medicine Treatment – Which Ones Should You Be Using?

Have you started using alternative medicine treatments yet, or are you still going to regular doctors?

I was raised as a typical American, who was born in a hospital, had regular doctor checkups, got the normal vaccinations, and did not even know that natural medicine existed, other than the normal vitamins that children take.

That all changed several years back. My wife, at that time, was injured in a job related accident. That led to five years of doctor appointments, and thousands of dollars in various prescription drugs.

She went from a back injury, to not being able to sleep, to fibromyalgia, to bipolar, to depression, to mental confusion, to being addicted to more than five different drugs, to finally ending up in a mental institution.

The only answers the doctors had was to experiment with a different drugs. All they did was make her worse.

The most interesting thing about the whole affair was that the doctors who said that she had fibromyalgia, also said that there was no cure, and they did not know the cause.

Alternative medicine says that fibromyalgia is caused by the poisons from prescription drugs circulating throughout the body, and the cure is to quit using the drugs, and detox the body to get rid of the poison.

Through amazing circumstances, we found a naturopath who had a reputation for helping people with fibromyalgia. He used natural means for detoxing the body, to help get rid of the drug addictions, and got her on a organic, natural food diet, along with herbs and vitamins.

It was the only program that worked. If you have been going to doctors without any success, maybe it is time for you to find an alternative medicine treatment.

By lexutor

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