5 Reasons to Get a Body Temperature Detection Sensor

By lexutor Sep1,2020

We live in some highly difficult times. The Covid-19 pandemic is obviously not going anywhere any time soon. We need to do something about the prevention of its spread because no one knows how long it’s going to take until a vaccine is developed.

According to the WHO, the best ways to prevent the virus spreading is to maintain social distance, wash our hands often, and wear masks. See more on this here.

However, not everyone is capable to wear a mask and maintain social distance at all times. We simply must do our jobs and we can’t do it properly with masks on our faces 8 hours straight. This is why it’s best to be sure that anyone working with us is safe and virus-free.

The best way to do this is by preventing people who are sick to get inside the same facility where you are. If you’re a business owner, installing a body temperature detector is the smartest thing to do. In this article, we’re going to give you 5 reasons why this is the best idea. Read on and find out why!

Why is measuring body temperature important?

Some of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus are dry cough, tiredness, and higher body temperature. Since the cough is not present at all times, and people can look tired for a number of reasons, the only left option is the body temperature.

Through it, you can be sure that something’s happening inside this person. The temperature is rising whenever the immune system starts battling a virus or a bacteria invading. The higher body temperature is not a 100% sure sign of Covid-19, but it’s a clear indicator that the possibility for it is big.

1. Protects you and the people around you

When you place the detection system on the front door of the house or the building where you work, then everyone coming inside will be scanned. Everyone will be available for the system.

Whenever the system picks up the information about someone having a higher body temperature, it will alarm the authorities and this person will be prevented from getting inside. Thus, everyone else will stay safe. Questioning if they had contact with anyone while getting there can give you the information if there’s someone else that also needs to be sent to work from home.

If we manage to keep everyone infected outside, then we can be sure that we’re working in a virus-free zone. Of course, you can never be 100% sure of this, but raising the bar higher gives better chances to also stay safe and healthy.

2. Scans faster than any human being

You’ve probably seen those people standing at the front door with a thermometer in their hands. They measure everyone’s temperature. Those who are suspicious won’t be allowed to enter, while everyone else can go inside.

This is a great way to solve the problem, but there’s one thing that makes it unsuitable. There are companies with thousands of employees. Buildings with offices in which thousands rush the front door at the same moment. There’s no team of people that can handle this problem properly.

The scanner will do it without a problem. There’s no need for stopping and any kind of human contact at all. The cameras equipped with thermal sensors are scanning everyone walking under the objective and they are providing accurate information about their body temperature.

In a case of someone being suspicious, the security team will stop this person and safely escort them outside where the medics will be called to make a Covid-19 test. This way, everyone stays safe and no infected person gets inside the premises.

3. Works with artificial intelligence

Even though the scanner is installed on a classic CCTV camera, it is still a state of the art technology. The entire system is backed by an artificial intelligence computer that is able to follow the movement of the people, scan them, analyze the results, and send them to the security.

No human interaction is needed for its work. It does everything on its own. If there’s the smallest chance for someone to be sick, these gadgets will find it and report to the officials. There are more different types of AI scanners. For example, there’s the https://athena-security.com/temperature-detection which is one of the best ones in the field of AI detectors.

4. Is the most reliable tool in the fight with Covid-19

When you try to measure the temperature with the classic thermometer that’s being used today manually, there’s a great chance that you’re failing to obtain the right temperature. Lots of factors may interfere with their work. Sweat, dirt, and hair can all get in the way and the person measuring won’t get the correct result.

The AI computer works in a different way. The scanner uses the overall heat of the person and there’s nothing that can come in the way. The results are perfectly accurate.

5. Will keep your company running without stoppage

Not just this will stop from sick people get inside your offices, but it provides a non-stop flow of employees and clients going in and out of the building. Why is this important? Because those companies who hire a person to check everyone getting inside will face lines of people waiting to get in.

The best AI scanners do the job without anyone even noticing they are being scanned. The capacity of a single camera is to check out 2000 people per hour, which means that installing five of these beasts will handle around 10,000 people per hour. No stoppage, no stress, and everyone stays safe. Learn more about AI on the link.


As you can see, the 5 points are telling you exactly why installing something like this is excellent for everyone. If you’re a manager or a business owner, then you know how many people circulate during the day in and around your office.

If you install an AI body temperature scanner, be sure that you’ll have no problems in keeping everyone’s health on the maximum level.

By lexutor

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