Is There An Emergency Dentist Near Me

By lexutor Mar2,2019

People say that teeth pain is the worst of pain. Somehow, teeth always start aching when everything is closed, and you can’t do anything about it. Often the pain is so terrible that even drugs won’t help for it. You desperately ask for a dentist, but your regular doctor is not working in the middle of the night.

Don’t worry. It’s the 21’st century and there’s always everything you need no matter the time of the day and night. There are dentists working 24/7 you just need to find one near you.

How to find a dentist after working hours?

One way to do this is getting in the car and wandering around town looking for that dentist sign. Of course, this is a joke. What you need to do is get online before any tooth ache appears and find dentists near you. It’s smart to have more places on the map as better dentists work on the regular working time 9-5.

Dentists working after hours and during the weekends are usually not equipped for more complex interventions. Don’t expect someone to make a surgery that will last 5 hours at 3 AM. However, be sure that you’ll get rid of that terrible toothache no matter the time. You’ll probably get some drugs that will remove the pain and you’ll be able to make some smaller work that’s needed for the situation.

What does a dentist emergency mean?

Basically, any pain happening inside your mouth connected with the gums and teeth is considered an emergency. The pain can be from moderate to severe but it’s understandable if you can’t take it and need assistance.

However, some situations that require dental care might not be pain connected. Here are some situations that might happen to you and require emergency dentist assistance: Swollen part of the face, something’s stuck between teeth and simply won’t get out, if something aches when you bite the food, gum and teeth abscesses, bleeding from the teeth or gums, pain, a tooth falls out, a tooth gets broken, or if you had an accident that requires dental assistance.

When is the time for an emergency visit to the dentist?

Not everything of the mentioned above is a reason to visit the dentist in the middle of the night. Some situations can wait until the next day, and some require urgent going to the dentist. You should know that it’s always better to go to the dentist the next day when you have an appointment for more reasons. The main of them are that your regular doctor will give you the attention you deserve and the second one is money. Over the normal working hours, the emergency doctor is much more expensive than your own doctor.

This means you should know when to see the dentist urgently and when to wait. It’s best to wait if the toothache your feeling is moderate and can be controlled with painkillers. Also, you should wait for the next day if you have a broken tooth that is not causing you problems. For example, you have a three up broken in half, but you can spend the next day that is Sunday eating on the other half of your mouth.

Please do visit the dentist no matter the hour of the day in the following situations: Severe toothaches that are hard or unable to control, swollen parts of the face, bleeding from the gums or teeth, having something in your teeth that’s not going out and causing your trouble, and of course, suffering an injury and your mouth is in ache. Se more about dental problems here:


Don’t miss the opportunity while being healthy to look for a dentist that is close to you and is working non-stop. This doesn’t mean wandering around on your feet but opening the internet and finding the dental practices nearby.

When you find them, make sure you don’t go to the dentist for any condition. Use the 24/7 dentist only for real emergencies. All other situations should be handled by the regular dentist that knows you, knows your teeth well and is experienced in treating them the best way possible.

By lexutor

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