3 Myths on Growing Taller

By lexutor Jul11,2022

3 Myths on Growing Taller

Everyone has a growth spurt, some quicker than others and some have bigger ones than others. Either way there are a few people who end up having a bad growth spurt and end up becoming “vertically challenged”. The internet is a large database of information and unfortunately not all of it is accurate. This applies to methods of growing taller, there is a lot of information that will mislead you into buying pills and creams or just waste your time doing something that won’t work. Read on for 3 myths you should avoid when looking for a method to grow taller.

Hypnosis can make you taller

This actually managed to make me laugh. I found someone who was promoting an affiliate program that supposedly hypnotised you and your body to grow taller. Guess how much it cost? $97! Preposterous! Mainly because hypnosis can’t make you taller, think about it, why would going into a deep sleep make you taller? It could improve your confidence, stop you from snoring but actually make you ‘t make me laugh.

It’s the parents fault

It is so easy to blame others for things and who better than the people who brought us into the world. However, it isn’t always the parents fault. The worst genetics can do is give you a bad posture which damages your height but you can easily improve it. Parents can’t make you small; some tall parents will have small kids and vice verse.

Height supplements make you grow after puberty

WRONG! After puberty your bones fuse together stopping any future growth. This means all those height supplements, creams and other miracle pills you are buying won’t work, even if they say they can make you grow taller at 30. Don’t fall into the trap and waste money.

By lexutor

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