Why Do Teens Have The Worse Acne Break Outs?

Why Do Teens Have The Worse Acne Break Outs?

Acne is not gender specific. Both males and females, young and old are susceptible to breaking out on their face or body. They are only a small group of individuals who almost never has any type of issues, but for the other millions of people, acne is a big issue. In a world where looks seem to be every thing, acne can lead to both stress and depression. For this reason, it is very important that you educate yourself on how to control this issue.

Why does Acne seem to be worse in teens? When teens hit puberty, they tend to also experience in excessive amount of pimples on their faces. This is true because at this age, teenagers, both male and female, are producing a massive amount of DHT, or better know as Di hydro Testosterone. This hormone is heightened during our teenage years and as this home increases, so does the natural oils in our bodies. Are bodies begin to produce and excessive amount of these oils, which in turn affects the cleanliness of our skin.

When this occurs, oil begins to block your pores. This blockage creates dirt and dirt means bacteria. And bacteria can lead to all types of problems, such as white heads, black heads, cystic acne, lesions, inflammation and skin defects. Most researches agree that the majority of acne in teens is due to and imbalance in hormones. And at this age, we can all agree that our hormones are definitely out of whack. Also at this age comes a lot of stress. Stress can also lead to and imbalance in hormones.

There are also foods that contain hormone mimicking compounds that can confuse the body. This can also lead to an imbalance in both teenagers as well as adults. If you think this a reason for some of your break outs, you may need to change your diet to more natural organic products.

Tho hormonal imbalance is not the only reason for people to have break-outs on their skin, it is a very commonly known reason. The best thing to do, since hormones can build up causing tension with in, is to find a way to relieve some of that tension. In most cases, tension leads to stress and stress leads to more pimples. So exercise, lifting weights, healthier eating, and if you’re a little older, a glass of wine is recommended to help relieve the stress. This will help prevent it, but once its there than only healthier eating can help a little and you will probably need to seek out a dermatologist.

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