Stop Giving Excuses About Your Excess Body Weight!

Stop Giving Excuses About Your Excess Body Weight!

Most overweight people will concede that overeating is the major cause of their problem. Some people, however, still cling in part to the old excuses. Unfortunately, while some of these causes can be a factor in a few cases, the majority do not offer a genuine explanation.

One of the most common claims used by overweight people is that of glandular trouble or a thyroid condition, but very few overweight people have anything wrong with their endocrine glands. It has been said that the only glands that work too hard in a fat person are the salivary glands.

Another claim is that of a poor metabolism. While it is probable that an overweight person’s metabolism is working differently from that of a person of normal weight, the root cause is the same and so is the treatment taking in less calories than are expended.

Two other assertions are common, often made in conjunction with each other. Overweight people are too often ready to say that they themselves have always been overweight.

There is little evidence to suggest that obesity can be directly inherited, although some doctors believe that the tendency to become fat is greater if your parents were fat, in which case it is likely that your parents’ eating and social habits were a cause. It is not easy to break the habit of eating often and in quantity, but there is no excuse in the statement, ‘But I’ve always been fat.’ It makes it more difficult, but more imperative, to aim for your ideal weight.

Another commonly used excuse is that it is inevitable to avoid weight gain during the middle age years. However, this is also not true. If a man weighed 160 pounds when he was 28 years old, there is no reason for him not to have that same weight when is 40 years old. If someone accepted their excess body weight as something that is inevitable, absolutely nothing will help them to lose that weight.

Girls also put on weight at puberty, when the rise in the level of sex hormones in the body increases the amount of fat. But all too often what was ‘puppy fat’ becomes an unnecessarily permanent feature.

Being overweight is a serious medical problem, but neither medical treatment nor costly remedies are necessary for its cure. The only way to reach ideal weight is to reduce the intake of energy sources and increase the expenditure of energy, thus depleting the fat stores in the body.

Frequently, people willingly undergo a painful course of treatment for some physical ailment because they are aware of the necessity of doing so. Although obesity is a physical ailment, and a serious one, its cure is well within the reach of anyone intelligent enough to face up to its dangers. Family Therapy for Grief and Loss in Everett

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