How to Increase Height – Increase Height After Puberty

How to Increase Height – Increase Height After Puberty

About a century ago, nobody was concerned about one’s height as it was considered natural for anyone to grow or not to grow to a particular height. But everybody admired tall people, as they looked smart and fascinating. These days, whosoever has a short stature wants to know how to increase height notwithstanding the age limit beyond which further growth in height naturally stops. The changed social scenario needs tall people, as they look more confident and viable to face challenges in life. Men feel attracted to tall women and vice versa. The good news is that anyone can naturally increase height after puberty by 3 inches or more with proper diet and stretching exercises within a few weeks.

If you are still in your growth period and have not reached puberty, you must be growing to a normal height if there is no genetic history of a short height in the family or there are no other factors like poor nutrition and lack of physical activities. Conversely, your strenuous physical activities in the past might have exerted undue stress on your muscles, ligaments, and discs in the spine impairing your bodily movements due to pain in your neck and back. In the latter case, the ligaments attached to the bones shrink and form a solid mass by losing their inbuilt elasticity whereby bones attached to them stop growing in length. There is ample scope for you to restore your physical activities with proper medications and physiotherapy. In the former case, special diet and certain exercises shall grow you taller. This is how to increase height in both the cases.

There are no natural impediments to height growth after puberty. But, you need some kind of amino acids to promote your human growth hormones (called hgh) and stretching exercises to straighten your backbone and lengthening your legs. The modern research shows that up to 3 inches of height is already hidden in your body frame and you can also grow 3 inches more by reactivating the hgh at any age.  

If you find you are not growing to your desired height before puberty or your height growth process is slow, you need to do the same thing as others who want to increase height after puberty.

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