Help Mood Swings During Puberty

By lexutor Apr25,2022

Help Mood Swings During Puberty

Is your child behaving differently as she used to? Your sweet little girl is now giving you trouble, and upsetting you because of her changing behavior. Your boy doesn’t listen to you anymore? Does she/he having emotional burst out these days? Don’t blame them for all these mood swings and emotional upsets. They are going through changes in her body and mind due to the hormones production at the time of puberty.

Sex hormones are produced during puberty. These include testosterone in boys and estrogen and progesterone in girls which are responsible for physical as well as sudden emotional changes in you teens. They don’t understand what is happening with them and fight within themselves against these changes. All these things lead to mood swings during puberty.

Don’t leave your child dealing with these mood swings alone. Don’t forget that once you have also gone through these changes and your parents helped you to take care of these things. You can do lot to help them.

Just don’t blame your teen child for everything and start more discipline for their behavior. Try to understand their situation, what they are going through. Take time to look at the situation. You will understand that these things are normal for every teenage. It is difficult for your child to deal with all the sad feelings when you don’t support them.

Now what you can do? You can help her/him to know what is happening by pointing out the signs of her mood swings. Tell your teenager that he/she is not alone who is going through all this. You also went through this situation year’s back and almost everyone goes through it during their teenage.

Give your teen some tips to cope up with these bad feelings. Tell them to count back from 10 when any stressing situation arises, watch TV or listen to favorite music and go out for a walk. By teaching them these coping skills, you can help your teen to be prepared for future episodes of mood swings.

Try to have a happy and supportive environment at your home so that your teen doesn’t start feeling out of place. Try to have healthy life style at home by giving them healthy food and some rest as it helps in combating bad mood. By this, you can also inculcating appropriate behavior in your child. Indulge your teenager into some activity or hobby of his/her interest. This can help him to stay in positive mood for longer periods of time. This improves creativity of your teen and coping with mood swings. Give some privacy to your teen. May be he/she needs some time to come up from bad mood. Give all the assurance and tell your teenager that you are always there if he needs to talk or share something with you. Some parents have a hitch for talking about sex and sexuality matters. Give your teenager proper education about sex so that he doesn’t fall prey to wrong habits for his sexual needs and changes occurring in him.

Just follow these simple tips and help your teenager have a happy teenage life. Keep in mind that he needs you more as a friend at this time rather than a more disciplined parent.

By lexutor

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