Acne – The Adolecence Plague

By lexutor Apr29,2022

Acne – The Adolecence Plague

One of the most prevalent problems affecting our teens today is acne, affecting in excess of 15 millions people in the United States alone. It can result in a severe lack in self-esteem and problematic interpersonal relationship skills. One must keep in mind that we did not get acne overnight and it will not go away overnight so be patient with yourself.

Acne normally begins when puberty starts and is mere a disorder which involves hair follicles and the sebaceous glands. In simpler terms, acne is the result of a build up of toxins causing the sebaceous glands becoming clogged and leads to pimples and cysts forming. Factually speaking when a teenager reaches puberty the males sex hormones or androgens are produced in a higher number causing the sebaceous glands to over-produce resulting in sebum produced in much higher quantities.

Normally, acne forms in the areas of their body where the sebaceous glands are in high proportion. The areas are your neck, face, chest upper back and shoulders. The oil produced by the sebaceous glands (sebum) normally rises to the skin surface through ones hair follicles but can be blocked by skin cells that also blocks the sebum causing bacteria to grow resulting in Propionibacterium Acnes. Partial blockage normally results in blackheads and complete blockage results in what is commonly referred to as white-heads. The depth of the acne can vary depending upon the quantity of oil and the nature of ones skin and has a variety of causes.

Rising hormones in teens as a result of puberty is only one cause of acne, other factors include drug intake, type of cooking oil utilized, cosmetics and having too much oil on ones scalp. Although the symptoms may differ the most common symptoms are formations of blackheads, lesions filled with puss, painful lesions, white-heads and nodules. It is always a good rule of thought to consult a professional for the best method of treatment. In the meanwhile, there are certain things that you can do every day when you are plagued with acne.

First you will want to insure that you are getting your daily allowance of rest! This is truly difficult for a great many of us for a variety of reasons. Seven to eight hours of sleep is essential for the majority of us and is truly necessary for us to relax, make the time because you are more than worth it.

Secondly, you really are what you eat and a balanced diet is crucial to your success in riding yourself of acne. By all means you must skip the sugar snacks, fast foods, and sodas. Fresh fruit and salads are much more acceptable and you will be amazed as the difference in how you feel, just try it for two weeks and you will see for yourself.

The last thing but equally important is staying hydrated. Acne largely a result of dehydration and by drinking plenty of water you will see a noticeable difference in 10 days or less. As previously stated, it is always recommended to seek a professional to give you specific accurate information on your specific disorder and how to treat is effectively.

By lexutor

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