3 Must Haves for Gun Owners

By lexutor Jan26,2022

More goes into responsible gun ownership than just good intentions and licensing. If you’re a first-time buyer, it may be overwhelming looking through the stock of your local gun shop, wondering what equipment is necessary and what is just flash and frills. Here are the absolute essentials for your shopping list.


Movie characters are fond of tucking handguns into the waistband of their pants, pocket, or purse and calling it good. But if you try that in real life, it may very well result in injury to yourself or others. Holsters are essential pistol accessories that prevent accidental discharge by keeping them secure and triggers covered. They also allow them to be carried comfortably and discretely, and make retrieval easier. If you do prefer to carry your firearm in a purse, there’s a holster for that. Several brands make custom purses and inserts for safer carrying.


Safe storage of your firearms, munitions, and equipment is essential to keep those you love out of harm’s way. If you feel hesitant to store your firearm in a safe because you want quick access in the event of a home invasion, there are several safes that come with one-touch fingerprint recognition, making for quick withdrawal without sacrificing exclusivity of access.

Cleaning Equipment

Which firearm you have determines what your cleaning kit should look like, but most should include solvent and clothes for cleaning, rods for threading them through the barrel, and oil for lubrication of the moving parts. Firearms should be cleaned and serviced every time you use them, even if it’s discharged just once. If you aren’t regularly using your firearm by hunting or participating in other sportsman activities, you should still plan on scheduling maintenance once a month to ensure your equipment doesn’t rust or fall into disrepair.

Accessories that make use easier, such as red dot sights and mounted lights, can come later. Guaranteeing safety and care should always come first.

By lexutor

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