What Can You Do to Remove Period Stains?

By lexutor Apr7,2022

What Can You Do to Remove Period Stains?

Getting your first period is usually viewed as a milestone in the life of a young girl. In the past, it was a signifier that a girl was ready for marriage. Biologically speaking, it is an indication that the female is ready for sexual intercourse and child bearing.

Puberty for girls consists of such secondary sex changes such as the budding of the breasts and widening of the hips. Puberty for girls also results in hormone-induced changes like increasingly oily skin and hair growth in the armpits and the groin area. None of these changes, however, have such a great impact as getting one’s first period because more often than that the age of a girl to have its period would somehow be like her mother’s.

Getting a period means changes not just in a biological sense but in a practical sense as well. Puberty for girls means the beginning of a whole set of new regimens in terms of hygiene. It involves developing a program for skin care that focuses on keeping the skin fresh, clean and oil-free.

When bathing, it is also necessary to start using feminine care products besides the usual soap and shampoo. It also means having to learn how to deal with periods. This does not mean just choosing between tampons and sanitary pads though. It also involves learning how to deal with accidents related to your period, such as how to remove period stains. Aside from that, it also deals on how to act properly in public without being so conscious of having menstrual period such as acting more refined compared before and not panicking on how to take cleaning up oneself.

Sometimes, despite her best efforts, a girl will end up getting stains on her clothes due to a leak from her tampon or sanitary pad. Perhaps all women have experienced this when they were younger and even up to now, especially if her period is unexpected. The leaking however is indeed very stressful because you have to clean up yourself and it can really destroy the rest of your day.

When blood leakage happens, a girl will have to learn how to remove period stains. Many girls wonder how to remove period stains because at first glance, that big brown or red stain seems so intimidating. But the question of how to remove period stains is very easily answered.

To remove period stains, all that is needed is usually to give the underwear or any other article of clothing a good soak in cold water. The fresher the stain, the easier it will be to make it come out. After soaking the clothes, the stain will appear much lighter. It is then possible to use ordinary detergent to wash the rest of it out. Because blood contains iron, the some stains might be a bit stubborn. In these cases, hydrogen peroxide mixed with cold water often works very well.

By lexutor

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