Treating Cats With Heartworm Disease

By lexutor Sep14,2022

Treating Cats With Heartworm Disease

It is important for pet-owners to use heartworm medicine for cats to prevent the onset of disease. Heartworm disease is very dangerous, and can even be life-threatening. When the heartworms have developed enough, they can live inside the heart. This disease is more commonly seen in dogs. However, cats can also get this disease. The parasite known as Dirofilaria, or heartworm, comes from a mosquito bite. The saliva of the mosquito has larvae, which is injected into the bloodstream. They can incubate for a while. The parasites have to go through many stages before they develop into an adult worm. It takes about six months for the disease to get worse. The worms burrow themselves into the tissues of the cat. However, they have a byproduct called microfilariae which travel in the blood stream. This makes it easier for vets to diagnose. A simple blood test is needed.

The heart of cats is significantly smaller than that of a dog’s. This is why they are in more of a risk when it comes to heartworm disease. Just one worm could prove to be lethal. It is important that every cat-owner knows the symptoms of the disease, so they can take their cat to the vet as necessary. If you notice that your cat has been coughing, and he has less energy than usual, it could be the first sign. Anemia and bloody sputum are also symptoms of the disease. Because these are symptoms of other diseases as well, they can be pretty hard to differentiate from others.

There are many forms of treatment available for cats with heartworm disease. Your veterinarian can administer heartworm medicine for cats. However, you should never give any form of medication to your cat without consulting the vet first. Some drugs may not be suitable for certain cats, and can cause severe side effects. The best way to fight off heartworms is still prevention.

Revolution is one of the best preventive heartworm medicines for cats. It is a topical solution, and is not invasive. It also works on other parasites like intestinal worms, ear mites, and fleas. All you need is one effective product for all these complications. The medication must be applied once a month on the skin behind the neck or between the shoulder blades. The medication is able to kill and eliminate both heartworms in its larvae stage. Furthermore, both cats and dogs for various parasitic diseases can use it. Also, it kills flea eggs and adult fleas. This maintenance solution is very effective in preventing all kinds of complications from parasites.

Before trying any heartworm medication for cats, make sure that you consult a veterinarian first. He will know which are suitable for your cat. A complete medical history might be needed to ensure that your cat will not have any adverse reactions to any of the medication. Also, this will ensure that your cat’s heartworm disease is not severe. In some cases, specific kinds of medication which target adult heartworms may be needed.

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