The Advantages of Using Herbal Medicine for Colon Cleansing

By lexutor Mar25,2022

The Advantages of Using Herbal Medicine for Colon Cleansing

For the past decade, the country has been into a colon cleansing frenzy. Due to the fast food craze that everybody went gaga over it, now it’s time the pay the piper. People across the country have been suffering colon cancer probably due to the diet they have been used to these past few years. Too much sodium, trans fat and carbohydrates can clog up the colon thus letting unwanted toxins stay longer inside the body which causes harmful effects.

Various drugs companies released products into the market assuring consumers that their colons will be cleansed from unwanted toxins. People swarmed over these products not thinking about the side effects these drugs might cause them. True enough, other have suffered from these side effects, even worse compared to those who had colon cancer. True enough, the colon cleansing products have grown in popularity over the past few years. However, many health-care practitioners question the validity and safety of the colon cleanses process.

To remedy this dilemma, most natural-health practitioners believe that periodic cleansing is essential to colon health and overall well being. A number of herbal medicines are believed to be effective in cleansing the colon. Because it’s all natural, herbal medicines have no reports of harmful side-effects from its consumers. Plus the fact that it is tremendously cheap and safe for the entire family to use. These products are available all year round and can be bought anytime, anywhere.

Slippery elm has been reported to have effective colon cleansing properties. Studies have shown this herbal medicine is effective in removing excess waste from the colon and is useful in reducing inflammation. This herb can be taken any time since it is available in tea form and may also be used as an enema if faster results are desired. In this case, availability of the herb isn’t a problem and is a great advantage.

Another remarkable discovery noted lately is coffee enema. This herbal medicine has been proven to be an effective method for cleansing the colon. Various people have claimed that this is very effective at removing toxins after illness even toxins garnered due to exposure to hazardous chemicals. Coffee enemas are also effective in cleansing the liver as well as the colon which are vital organs and causes of cancer when not properly cleaned. You can do this powerful enema solution at home by adding 6 tbsp. of coffee to 2 tsp of steam-distilled water. The mixture should be boiled for 15 minutes, cool and strain after. Use 1 pt. of the mixture in the enema bag. Hold the solution in for a few minutes and expel. Convenient, cheap, and effective.

Herbal medicine also acknowledges flaxseed for colon cleansing abilities. The herbal medicine has a high fiber content which makes it a cheap, convenient, effective and natural colon cleanser. Flaxseed is safe enough to use daily to prevent constipation and aid in colon function, but caution since too much flaxseed can cause a rebound effect. It is also a good source of protein, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids.

By lexutor

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