Test Yourself for Food Sensitivities

By lexutor Apr9,2022

Test Yourself for Food Sensitivities

Energy Medicine food testing is a simple and easy way to test for food sensitivities which you can learn to do yourself quickly and easily.

There are a number of different ways you can conduct energy medicine food testing. The most common method is the Kinesiology ‘shoulder test’. As this test needs someone to stand in front of you to carry out the test with you, it isn’t suitable for you to do on your own, but there are other ways you can test when you are on your own which are less well known but equally as effective.

My favourite energy medicine self test is called the Stick Test. Here are the instructions;

1) Centre yourself and take a deep breath and relax. Now rub the pads of your index finger and thumb together, lightly and with no pressure and observe how it feels.

2) Now look at the sky and say it’s opposite colour, i.e. “the Sky is black’ when it really is blue and observe what happens. Do your fingers slide together more easily, or do they now feel a little more ‘sticky’? Repeat action using the correct colour of the Sky and see happens.

3) If you feel a marked difference in your fingers, then this is a great test for you. It is so easy and unobtrusive and can be carried out anywhere. The usual rule is if sliding is easy, that indicates that your body will accept the food. A feeling of more friction, a kind of ‘stickiness’ indicates a negative result and that your body may not tolerate that food at that time.

This is a great test to carry when shopping for foods in the supermarket or when trying to decide what to have for your dinner.

You can watch a demonstration of this test by Madison King in the Energy Medicine Video on YouTube.

By lexutor

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