How to Write a Great Creative Story

By lexutor Feb18,2022

How to Write a Great Creative Story

Writing, whether it be staring at a blank paper or computer screen can be very intimidating. The first words of a story are many times the hardest to write. The idea begins to take form in your words. Your imagination creates the characters and places. With a little practice, the words will flow from your mind like a never ending stream of letters.

I have to feel relaxed before I can write. Some people like to listen to classical music and some are more comfortable with silence. I have developed, much to my wife’s dismay, a way to tune the entire world out and enter my own realm. This is where I do my best writing.

Anyone can be creative if they simply apply their feelings to a given situation. There are thousands of leaves on a tree. The tree and the leaves look different as you walk around the tree. Use your imagination to describe what you see. The shapes of the light that comes through the leaves. Limbs that resemble arms, legs, things you can relate to.

It may be the same tree that everyone else can see but your perspective is always unique in some way. If you run into a road block in your writing, try looking at pictures, take a walk, do something to get around it. I often take a break and look out a window.

Let the words flow from a thought of emotion. Don’t think about what to write, just write. Don’t think about the middle or end of the story, it will come. Walk through your mind with the story. If it is in a room, be in the room. If it is in a meadow, be in the meadow. You must be a witness to your story. Your creative imagination will fill the room or the meadow with words.

A thousand beautiful stories are in every writer’s heart just waiting to be written. The only thing that can ruin a story is to over think it or ponder fame and fortune as you write. You will know that it is great when you read it the first time and the hundredth time. It is a wonderful feeling!

There are many wonderful sites on line to help your creativity. Spend an afternoon at a library. Become involved in writer’s workshops. You don’t have to learn to be creative, being creative has been with you since childhood. Just think.

By lexutor

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