Bad Acne Tips

By lexutor Sep15,2022

Bad Acne Tips

Acne in general is a problem that plaques almost everyone, even older adults. However, it mostly becomes problematic with children and teenagers. In fact, eight out of 10 teenagers will most likely get acne around puberty, more so than anyone else!

The problem with acne is not that it is just uncomfortable, but also that it can cause other problems as well such as scarring. Acne and other skin problems such as whiteheads and blackheads happen when the skin follicles are “blocked”.

When this happens, the oils from your skin become so thick that it actually blocks the pores and oftentimes creates infections and bacteria – out comes the acne! I know for a lot of children and teenagers this becomes more of a vanity problem than anything else. I know, I remember being a teenager and how important it is to keep up with your looks!

A lot of people might tell you to get medication for a problem such as this, but I am going to suggest a more natural way – possibly a lifestyle change that might help you! First off, it is important that you always wash your face every morning and every night. Do not use just regular soap and water.

Instead, get an exfoliating scrub as well as a cleanser and a washcloth – also be sure you use warm water! Secondly, if at all possible, stay away from foods that contain a lot of oil like pizza and even chocolate. Dark chocolate can be healthy for you to eat, but regular white and milk chocolate can actually cause more acne and pimples because it clogs up the pores!

Next, you need to start drinking more water. This is usually the treatment for most health problems have it be weight loss, constipation, or acne because it allows the body to “flush out” the toxins in your body when you have something like bad acne. Usually it is advised that you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day in order to flush out your system from these toxins that cause bad acne.

Lastly, it is important that you try to stay away from stress as much as possible! I am in my late 20s and do not usually get bad acne, but I notice that as soon as I am in a highly stressful state one or two always seem to pop up! I know as a teenager and as an adult it is really hard to stay stress free.

In some cases, stress is actually a healthy part of life. But, if at all possible try to do things that will keep high stress out of your life to help your bad acne. You could consider taking up meditation, breathing exercises or even just make your life a little more organized!

By lexutor

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