5 Fun Cocktails to Enjoy This Summer

By lexutor Apr21,2020

Summer is just around the corner, and some cocktails do wonders for outdoor gatherings and backyard parties. You might be looking to add some flair to your usual drink menu that makes your guests want to return for more. Some of these fruity concoctions are simple twists on popular classics, while others aim for a whole new level. Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to find a fun, flavorful cocktail on the list. Here are five cocktails to experiment with this summer. You might discover your new favorite drink!

Italian Margarita

Who doesn’t love a good margarita? Italian margaritas put a spin on the usual drink by replacing orange liqueur with limoncello, Aperol or amaretto. These sweet additions will leave you craving more. You can make one yourself, or go to your local restaurant to enjoy these delicious drinks. Just google Italian margarita drinks near me to find the perfect match.

Dogwood Punch

Nothing screams summer like a classic punch with a twist to quench your thirst. These are great for an afternoon picnic or just hanging out on the back porch. Their fruity and lemony sensations will satisfy all your taste buds.

Pineapple Slushie

There’s no better way to alleviate the heat of summer than with a slushie. Adding some coconut rum and pureed pineapple to this scrumptious drink can keep you cool and refreshed.

Blackberry Cucumber Gin and Tonic

Who’s not in love with cucumber water? Add the yummy flavors of that with your usual gin and tonic and you’ve got a concoction made in heaven. Throw in some blackberries for a little sweet surprise.

Strawberry Tequila Soda

Sometimes the simplest drinks are the best. You need no more than some tequila, club soda, lime juice and a few strawberries to make this spectacular drink.

Try out some new drinks and let the good times roll. Summer will be here before you know it, and you want to be prepared.

By lexutor

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