Will Toxins Turn Your Daughter Into a Pregnant Teen?

By lexutor Sep17,2022

Will Toxins Turn Your Daughter Into a Pregnant Teen?

Or will they give you or her breast cancer?

Recent research is showing that all sorts of toxins mimic estrogen – and when young children are exposed to them they mature way before their time.

It can mean reaching puberty as young as 7 to 9 years old. The short term effects can mean early pregnancy – because children of this age have not yet developed the social skills to over-ride their raging hormones. But who knows what the long term effects may be? New studies are pointing to a higher incidence of breast cancer in women who are exposed to these toxins. And if you start exposing your children from birth – what then?

The Society of Toxicology has examined the issue, but will anything change?

From what I’m reading, some of the worst offenders are found in non-stick cookware, and in plastics. So please, get some glass containers to store food in the refrigerator. And when you re-heat things, do it in glass. Replace that handy non-stick stuff with some stainless steel, or a good old iron frying pan. You know, if you “season” an iron frying pan properly, it’s almost as non-stick as Teflon.

But… it’s also in our food supply and in the household chemicals and cosmetics we use. You can go back to natural things for cleaning, but you can’t control the hormones that are pumped into the meat you eat and the toxins sprayed on the fruits and vegetables. The only thing you can do is try to find organic food. Not always easy, always more expensive, but perhaps vital to your health.

Here’s the report from one health newsletter I receive:

“In a major study of 17,000 American girls, seven percent of Caucasians girls and a shocking 27 percent of African-American girls were either growing breasts or pubic hair by age seven.

Even more upsetting, precocious puberty was seen in three percent of African-Americans and one percent of Caucasians by age three!

What are the consequences of this bizarre phenomenon? Studies have shown that girls who go through puberty too soon also:

Have sex earlier

Run greater risk of pregnancy

Suffer from behavioral problems

Have a lower IQ

Are more likely to drink, smoke and

Are more likely to commit suicide

They’re also more likely to develop breast and ovarian cancer later in life, and to become infertile.

But big pharm has the answer: Yet another dangerous drug.

Lupron, their drug to treat precocious puberty, blocks production of your own natural sex hormones and has 265 known side effects, including convulsions and cancer.

So first the FDA will allow you to be attacked by toxins in your food and household supplies, and then they’ll allow big pharm to attack you yet again – in the guise of a “cure.”

So… stay away from toxins all you can, and look for natural ways to good health.

One more thing you can do – fill your home with green living things – because they can filter toxins coming into the air from your carpeting, curtains, etc. For instance, Boston ferns can detoxify 1,000 micrograms of formaldehyde from the air in one hour.     

By lexutor

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