Trouble With Acne

By lexutor Jun9,2022

Trouble With Acne

At the age of puberty, boys and girls have significant changes in the endocrine as well as physical. Besides, acne also appears more on the face. It is caused by a change in sex hormones at puberty period.

This time, sweat glands and sebaceous glands operate and excrete greater. The great excretion along with a strong buildup of bacteria in the hair follicles make acne generates more and more. Acne can stay on the skin surface, most common in the forehead, cheeks, chin, sometimes in the shoulders, back, and chest. People with oily skin usually have more acne than those who have dry skin, because the oily layer creates condition for dust to cling and then to arise more acne…

Usually, through the age of puberty, the body’s endocrine operates normally again, then the irritating acne disappears. However, most girls are not patient enough to wait before aging acne; those girls then squeeze the new acne out by hand. Furthermore, no cleaning the skin often will lead to the acne infections. Meanwhile, more acne will be swelling, festering and then become very dangerous boils.

Not only the risk of scarring, but more dangerous, the pimples can lead to serious infection, the ulcer bacteria will get into the bloodstream, causing septicemia.

Besides external causes like sex hormone changes, acne will also appears due to environmental pollution, stress, and living habits. For example, awaking too late at night is also a cause of acne. In addition, diet with lots of spicy, hot, drink alcohol, coffee… causes acne.

When having acne, you should not arbitrarily squeeze, or rub the products onto the skin while don’t know which products suit your skin type or not. The best way is that you should go to the grassroots specialist dermatologist for examination and treatment by the most appropriate method.

To prevent acne, it is important to keep skin clean and sanitary, which helps pores open. You should wear dust mask when going outside. Always wash your face clean after going out. Don’t be awake too late at night; avoid stress factors, stress; avoid hot spicy food, alcohol, stimulants, coffee…

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