Good Vibrations For Cold/Flu Prevention

By lexutor Jun10,2022

Good Vibrations For Cold/Flu Prevention

What do you do when you start feeling those foreboding symptoms of a cold – the scratchy throat, tingly nose, and headachey pressure telling you that a cold or flu virus is trying to take over your immune system? Do you up your Vitamin C intake? Drink more juice and tea? Work up a good sweat? Eat as much raw garlic as you can take? Suck on zinc lozenges? Head for the doctor’s office?

One of the more interesting cold/flu prevention strategies I have come across was ingesting oregano essential oil. A customer had asked me if I could recommend a way to get her kids to ingest this oil, having heard that it was a great natural solution for colds and flu. This does not feel like a sound plan in my book. I suggested to her that there is an easier and safer way to use nature’s healing powers to ward off winter misery: Immune Boost.

Immune Boost is a powerful flower essence formula that I created several years ago. Flower essence formulas are vibrational remedies that stimulate the nervous system and meridians (the channels in the body affected by acupuncture). This formula nurtures and supports the body etherically, creating more harmonious and vital energy patterns. It provides assistance on its own and can facilitate assimilation of herbal, emotional, psychological, and other healing modalities.

Immune Boost provides an extra safeguard and stimulus for our immune system and is especially helpful for people who sometimes allow themselves to over do it and get out of balance. The formula tells our body that it’s being invaded and needs to ramp up defenses and make a stand. As one of my customers wrote in a testimonial: “I always have this on-hand. Whenever I feel like I’m getting sick or just run down, I start taking Immune Boost and within a couple of days, I feel great! This stuff works!” The other bonus is that there are no unwanted side effects with flower remedies making them perfect for the entire family.

Dosages vary for different formulas but Immune Boost can be taken as often as a couple drops (under the tongue like homeopathics) every hour or so for a few days until you get a result. Flower essences truly are one of our most potent energy medicines available for our health and well-being. Give them a try. You might just get hooked.

By lexutor

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