Different Digital Marketing For Orthodontists

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If you’re an orthodontist, you’ll probably be familiar with PPC advertising, Facebook Live events, and Instagram. However, you may not be aware of other forms of digital marketing for the dental profession. So let’s take a look at some of these tactics. You might also be interested in PPC advertising, Brand reputation management, and Facebook Live events. 

PPC advertising

With pay-per-click advertising, orthodontic practices can attract a new revenue stream through targeted marketing. Because everyone uses search engines multiple times a day, these ads target different demographics of potential patients. This allows them to reach suitable patients at the right time and entices them to visit their website. Pay-per-click ads appear along with relevant search engine results and only appear when a potential client clicks on them.

Make sure you’re using the most effective ad copy to get the most out of your marketing dollar. You can increase the return on investment by retargeting users who have already visited your site. This tactic can also help you convert lost leads. When choosing the correct ad copy, pay close attention to spelling and grammar. If your practice targets women, use the word “mistake” as a headline.

Brand reputation management

In today’s world, brand reputation management is crucial. Today, 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. As a result, you can attract new patients and boost your website ranking by managing your online reputation. As a result, your practice will be recognized as the leading orthodontist in your area. Here are four ways to use brand reputation management to help you gain the edge over your competitors. First, create a mobile-friendly website. 

Establish social media accounts for your practice. Social media is a proven marketing strategy for building and maintaining a personal connection with patients. Engaging patients through fun-filled posts on your business’s social media pages make impressions, leads, and conversion rates. Email marketing is also an effective orthodontic marketing strategy. A trusted orthodontic marketing agency can create custom-branded materials and email reminders that increase conversion rates. Aside from that, you can look up other digital marketing ideas for orthodontists.

Facebook Live events

If you’re considering hosting a live Facebook event for your patients, you’re in for a treat. Whether hosting a practice tour or a Q&A session, a live event is a great way to introduce your staff and build a relationship with your followers. Facebook Live events allow you to share your passion for orthodontics and provide a live experience for your patients. In addition, by offering a live Q&A, you can answer any burning questions patients might have and encourage them to book an appointment.

Another great way to market your orthodontic practice is to hold before and after photos. Ask your patients if they want to share a picture of their teeth or smile. Then, use the images to tie your practice to their lifestyles. You can also share promotional videos on Facebook and other social media sites. You’ll find that people are captivated by videos promoting your practice and its services.


Using Instagram as a digital marketing tool for orthodontic practices can boost brand awareness and build a relationship with your audience. By sharing before-and-after photos of patients, you can increase the number of followers and set your practice apart from competitors. With 300k followers, you should try this out. Once you start using this social media platform for your business, you will realize its power.

Before beginning your digital marketing strategy, understand your target audience—research their demographics and how they engage with different social media platforms. Once you have this information, you can decide which platforms to focus on for marketing your practice. In addition, by keeping track of your followers’ preferences on each platform, you’ll be able to engage them better. After all, if they are interested in your business, they’ll want to learn about it!


While you’ve probably used Facebook and Instagram for your business, Twitter is a unique digital marketing tool for orthodontics. This tool allows you to create and share video content with a broader audience. A video can be a simple introduction to your team or an entertaining demonstration of your facility. A video can also capture patient feedback. You can make the video brief or as long as you want. Regardless of the length, you can use it to engage new patients and foster existing ones.

As with any other form of digital marketing, it’s important to post frequently on Twitter and other social media platforms. The frequency you post depends on your target audience and your chosen venue, but you should always aim for as much interaction as possible with potential patients. As you post content, establish trust with your followers and make your page more credible. For example, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from others, so the best way to build trust with your audience is through user-generated content.

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