Benefits of Lifeline Phone Services


Lifeline phone service is a federal program that provides monthly home telephone service discounts. It is open to low-income consumers who risk disconnection or have difficulty paying for essential services. Lifeline phone service can provide significant savings over a year, and in some cases, it may be the only affordable option. Some of its benefits include:

1. Phone Service Discounts

Lifeline phone service Oklahoma-based providers offer discounts on monthly home telephone service. The discount amount varies by provider, but it is typically around $9.00 per month. This can add up to significant savings over a year.

2. Free or Low-Cost Telephone Equipment

Most lifeline phone service providers will supply new customers with free or low-cost telephones.

3. No Contracts Required

Lifeline phone service is available without contracts or other binding agreements, so there are no penalties for canceling the service if your financial situation becomes insecure. This also makes it easy to sign up for lifeline phone service if you are not subscribed to a home telephone service.

4. Eligibility is Determined by Income

Unlike some other government programs, eligibility for lifeline phone service solely relies on income. This means that whether you own your home or rent it, whether you have children or not, and other factors do not affect your eligibility.

5. Eligibility is the Same in Every Area Code and Every State

Since eligibility for lifeline phone service depends on income, your eligibility will be the same regardless of what area code or state you live in. You do not need to be receiving public assistance or food stamps to qualify.

6. Servicemen and Women are Eligible

Servicemen and women are automatically eligible for lifeline phone service, regardless of their income. This benefit is available to anyone who has served in the military for at least one year since September 11, 2001.

Lifeline phone service can provide significant savings and is a highly affordable option for low-income earners and service members. As a lifeline applicant, you should review all available options before selecting a provider to ensure that you pick a plan that works best for your unique situation.

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