Justin Bieber Hits Puberty – Reasons Why it Won’t Jeopardize His Career

By lexutor Jul25,2022

Justin Bieber Hits Puberty – Reasons Why it Won’t Jeopardize His Career

Many people wonder if Justin Bieber’s career will be ruined when he hits puberty because his voice will start cracking. I will be arguing that this will not be the case under two premises:

How he became famous in the first place.

Proof that his voice is already getting deeper, but is gaining more fame.

How he Became Famous in the First Place

Justin Bieber started off posting videos of himself singing covers on YouTube, and was accidentally discovered by Scooter Braun, a big shot in the music industry. Bieber was then introduced to Usher who signed him, but it was not without competition; Justin Timberlake was interested in signing him as well. The nature of how Justin Bieber was discovered is evidence that it was based purely on talent and looks, not on connections (like many other artists).

Furthermore, these people (Braun, Usher, Timberlake) are experts in the music industry, and they are not going to invest time, money and effort into Justin Bieber if he is not going to be a long term investment with extraordinary profits. You can count of them for already taking into account what will happen to him when he grows up.

Proof that his voice is getting deeper, but is gaining more fame.

Please see below for a YouTube video on evidence that Bieber’s voice has already gotten deeper.

Justin Bieber is sixteen years old right now, and it is very apparent that he has already hit puberty. But still, his shows continue to sell out, more people are following him on Twitter, and one of his music videos has the top views on YouTube.

If you want more evidence of “Bieber Fever” then have this in mind: Just a week ago there was a Bieber Parade in Denmark, organized by fans, where a plethora of girls took over the streets singing his songs with customized clothing and posters. Also, the producers of CSI has already asked him to come back on the show for a second episode while his first episode hasn’t even aired yet. I can go on with indicators that Justin Bieber’s fame is only increasing, and not slowing down.

I hope that now you are a little bit more enlightened, and will have more value to add to conversations when topics like this emerges among your friends.

By lexutor

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