What Makes a Man Qualified For Marriage?

By lexutor Sep25,2022

What Makes a Man Qualified For Marriage?

Man does not just jump into marriage whenever he wises to; he has to be duly qualified to do so before taking the step into the long-lasting journey of marital life. Qualification for marriage is not merely an academic exercise but a combination of several factors which when put together help to make for a better chance of success in the relationship.

Physical maturity: Marriage is not for boys; it is for matured men. A boy should therefore not think of marriage when he is still a teenager and has not fully experienced puberty. His sexual organs must be fully matured; he has to be physically matured to be able to provide some level of security / protection for his wife and children. His presence in the family should instill some fears into other intruders. He should also be matured enough to be respected even by his children who should not mistake him for their elder brother – they should see him as a father and give him the respect due a father.

Emotional maturity: A man must be emotionally matured before jumping into marriage. He must be able to handle emotional conflicts; he must be able to divorce emotions from reality and face issues in a much more realistic way. He should be able to display true love to his wife and children.

Mental Capability: Does he have the mental capability to face challenges in marriage? Does he have the true picture of what marriage entails? He must be able to take control of his mind and exhibit self-control. He should also have the mental capability to handle family conflicts.

Spiritual Quality: Marriage is God’s own idea and God is the spiritual head of the institution. Any man who wishes to succeed in this institution must be affiliated to God. He must be submissive to God and be willing to teach his family God’s values and ways. Raising a family without God’s guidance is bound to lead to failure. A man therefore should have the ability to lead his family to God, teach them to pray and submit to his authority.

Physical Independence: For a man to be qualified for marriage he first has to declare physical independence from his parents. He must be able to provide shelter for his family and keep them away from the direct control of his parents. He should be fully in charge of the decision making process in his own family.

Financial Independence: a man who cannot fend for his family is not qualified for marriage. For a man to be qualified to raise a family he must be able to provide their food, clothing, etc. he should be able to comfortably take care of himself, his wife and at least a child.

A good planner: One other thing that qualifies a man for marriage is his ability to plan for the future of his family. After he is married what happens next? He should be able to plan what would enhance the welfare of his family – he must acquire more skills, set up business or get a well paying job and also make other future investments for his family.

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