What Is The Proper Use Of A Face Mask?

By lexutor Dec3,2020

At this moment, the offer of wholesale face masks is everywhere, but have you started to investigate which are the most effective? Here we solve that doubt for you. The mouth guards are a sanitary product that, together with other protection elements and hygiene measures, allow us to avoid exposure and protect our environment from contamination with pathogens. Droplets transmit COVID-19 infection. When coughing, these are produced by the patient, sneezing that can travel about one and a half meters away.

The filtration efficiency depends on the medical product we have available to us. The various sorts of covers keep our current circumstance from being tainted and ensure ourselves. Therefore, it is essential to understand what kind of scenario we are going to be in.


There are many protective masks on the market to deal with all types of gases and particles. However, there are two main types in the healthcare field: surgical or surgeon’s masks and highly effective masks. The difference between both products is the filtration and the direction of airflow.

Surgical masks are the ones we should all wear to prevent the spread of the pandemic in situations where we contact other people who are not infected. High-risk masks are for everyone who comes into contact with VID-19 positive people.

Surgical mask

The surgical mask does not filter the inhaled air. Therefore it does not protect us effectively. Its main objective is to prevent transmission. In this fight, we are all responsible for safeguarding and stopping the spread of the virus. It is essential to wear a surgical mask in everyday situations where we are not sure that we are immunized against the coronavirus.

High risk or high-efficiency mask

Filter masks are considered PID. A PPE is Personal Protective Equipment, a device worn to protect against risks that may threaten the health care provider’s health, in this case, exposure to coronavirus. The number of FFPs is higher, the greater their filtering capacity, which can range from 70 to 98%.

The high-efficiency filtering masks FFP (Filter FacePiece) have different categories depending on the percentage of particles they can retain. Thus we have FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The Ministry of Health recommends a mask with a minimum filtration efficiency equivalent to FFP2 and FFP3 in the care of patients with coronavirus if aerosols are generated.

Aerosols are small particles that travel through the air at distances of more than one meter and can be produced, for example, in the hospital environment. However, this type of airborne transmission has less impact if the patient and the contact personnel are protected with appropriate measures.

Why do patients with COVID19 not wear a mask with a valve?

If the infected patient wears an FFP3 mask with a valve when inhaling, it filters the air from the outside, but it expels the air contaminated with pathogens. The face protection should have the capacity to retain the air we expel. Therefore, the surgical mask is useful for these situations.

Now that you have the information you need don’t forget to look for the right equipment, online you can find wholesale and fully customizable face mask sales.

By lexutor

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