Tips For Getting in Shape Together

By lexutor Mar11,2022

Tips For Getting in Shape Together

A great way of bonding is to exercise together. While going to the gym is one great way of getting in shape together, there are some exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home that can help strengthen your bond, and get you both back into shape.

One of the best exercises you can do together is called a standing push up. This will give you the chance to touch each other and use the others weight as a way to increase your strength.

In each hand, hold a single resistance band. There will be one end of the band in your hand, the other in your partners. Now place your backs together and begin to tighten the strain on the bands. When it is significant, raise your arms to the same level as your chest. Inhale deeply. Then as you exhale, push your arms forward in the same way you would do a chest press. Then hold out for five seconds, and bring your arms back to your body. Do this in sets of ten for a total of three sets.

Another workout is pushing your backs against each other and getting into a squat position. With a medicine ball in hand begin exchanging the ball back and forth at shoulder level. Have your partner hold the ball with both hands then turning towards you, meets them with your own set of hands. Then switch the ball again on the opposite side. Do not leave the squat position while doing this exercise. Repeat until fatigue.

With your backs against each other, and the same medicine ball, it is time to do another exercise set. Stand up tall, and both of you raise your hands. One of you will pass the medicine ball to the other person in the standing position, then you will both bend down to touch your toes, and exchange the ball between your feet. Keep doing this until fatigue.

Grab a set of cardio bikes. Sitting next to each other, challenge the other one to see who can go the greater distance on a bike. Make the competition fun and have the winner give the other a nice foot massage. Remember, there is no real loser here when both of you are getting into shape.

Taking up dance lessons is another great solution for getting in shape together. Many gyms have begun offering classes including salsa dancing where partners can team up and dance the pounds away. Check with your local gyms to see what options are available to you.

Going for a walk together is another great idea for getting in shape together. Decide on a path you both love to walk and enjoy the nightly exercise it can bring. In no time you both will be shedding the pounds and looking great together.

No matter what direction you both choose to take your work out routine, remember the best way to get into shape together is to do something you both can physically handle. Starting up slow and working on building a pace is a safe and effective way to love exercising together.

By lexutor

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