Males and Females

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Males and Females

Boys and girls. Throughout childhood, the most obvious physical difference between the sexes is in the appearance of the genitals (sex organs). A boy has a finger shaped organ called a penis between his legs. Behind the penis is a small sack called the scrotum, which holds two oval-shaped organs, called the testicles. A girl has small folds of flesh called the vulva between her legs. The vulva covers the opening to the vagina, a narrow passage that leads to other female sex organs including the uterus and the ovaries inside the body. In later years, after the sex organs have developed completely, a boy can become a father and girl can become a mother.

Puberty is the period of rapid growth that marks the end of childhood and the beginning of physical and sexual maturity (full development). During puberty, the bodies of boys and girls change noticeably, as do many of their feelings. At the beginning of puberty, most girls are taller and grow faster than boys of the same age. after boys begin their period of rapid growth, they soon catch up. Many young people worry because of their are growing and maturing quickly than they are. But differences in the age at which puberty begins and in the rate of development during puberty are entirely normal. Some boys and girls mature several years earlier or later than others of their age.

Whether a girl matures slowly or rapidly, she and other girls go through the same changes as they enter womanhood. She grows taller, and her breast become larger and round out. Her hips become wider, and hair grows under her arms and around her vulva. The widened hips will make it possible for her to give birth. The enlarged breasts will allow her to feed her babies milk from her own body.

One of the changes that takes place during a girls growth to Womanhood is the beginning of menstruation. Menstruation A monthly discharge of blood and tissue from the vagina, is a normal part of Woman’s life. Most girls start to menstruate when they are about 12years old, but many begin at an earlier or later age than this.

As a boy goes through puberty, he becomes taller and heavier. his shoulders broaden, he gets stronger, and his voice becomes deeper. Hair grows on his face, under his arms, around his genitals, and on other parts of his body. Most boys consider the appearance of hair on the face on of the most important steps of manhood. When a boy nears sexual maturity, His sex organs become larger and he may experience nocturnal emissions, also called “wet dreams”. Nocturnal emissions occur when a whitish fluid called semen is released through the penis while a boy or a man is sleeping. They are a natural way of releasing semen.

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