Is Setting Up A Home Gym Worth It?

By lexutor Jan30,2021

During this Covid-19 crisis, when the UK is under lockdown, and many other places around the world experience problems with doing their daily chores, it’s crucial to do something about ourselves.

Everyone who was usually exercising is now in trouble not being able to go to the gym. Everything’s closed and there’s nothing to do about it. Additionally, lots of people got overweight during this crisis because they lack movement.

The solution to this is setting up a home gym on your own. However, a lot of people are wondering if this is a good solution? Not everyone enjoys the idea of having workout machines at home. Let’s see if it is really worth it or not. Follow up to see what the experts think on this subject!

Buy only the necessary

Unless you have a 100-acre home with dozens of rooms, and you’re basically a movie star, then you probably have no room for those giant machines used in public gyms. Even if you do, you don’t really need anything like this. These gigantic machines are only for people who are dealing with bodybuilding professionally.

Gym work out machines indeed work way better than anything else. After all, that is why they were made in the first place. However, if you’re setting up a home workout area, you’re not trying to replicate the gym, but simply stay in shape.

That’s why you should go only with those tools and machines that you necessarily need. For example, lifting weight items, cardio machine, pull-up bar, power wheel, jumping rope, etc.

Don’t opt for a deadlift weight. You might do some serious damage to the floor, and you don’t want to destroy your home, but stay in shape.

Cardio is key

During the Covid-19 crisis, we all changed the way we live. We definitely lack movement in our lives. This is definitely a problem. Not just for the way we look, but for health reasons. Research shows that people who lack movement and exercise have a much higher chance to get a stroke, for example.

To prevent this, you need to do cardio. Cardio is every exercise that will make the heart rate go up. The more blood it pumps, the better for you. This can be done through running, swimming, jumping, cycling, stretching, etc. Learn more cardio ideas here.

The best and most effective way is running. Swimming is also amazing, but most pools are closed, and those having private ones probably have winter, so it’s a no go for them too.

To do cardio, you need a treadmill. These items come at various prices. Some are highly expensive, but others can go by some very affordable prices. It’s up to you what you’re going to choose. When cardio is in question, anyone will do. If you want something more fun and technologically advanced, you’ll need to spend more money on it.

In the end, it’s crucial to have a place where you’re going to burn calories and keep in shape by running on the treadmill.

Find a place for doing exercise

It’s best if you have a spare room where you can set up all the equipment and do the work out there. There are more reasons for this. Experts suggest that everyone trying to work out while the items are in their living room failed to do so regularly.

People with kids will prove this to be true. It’s hard doing a good workout when you have someone distracting you. On the other hand, being in a place that you can call a personal mini-gym, helps you get in the zone and do great work.

Set a schedule

Without a schedule, it will be hard for you to always find motivation for work. People who make their own schedules and stick to them, always see better results than others. It’s crucial to be persistent and always work out when it is the time for it.

You can do it before you start working or if you feel better that way – after you finish all your daily obligations. Most people enjoy early workouts because it gives them strength for the following day.

Will this work?

There’s no reason not to. Of course, there are downsides, like the lack of motivation public gyms provide, professional coaching and advice, and heavy machines that are helping during workouts, but if you’re keen on keeping up the good shape, a home gym can completely do the job.

You don’t even need to spend a ton of money. You can get only the essentials and spend no more than $1,000. With this amount, you’ll be equipped with everything you need for continuing with keeping the good shape.

If you manage to keep the schedule, do regular cardio, and add some weight lifting, you can be sure that you’ll keep your shape. When everything is over, you can go back to the gym, and continue like you never stopped working out. See more about how the Covid-19 crisis is going here:


If you’re on a strict budget, setting up your own home gym won’t work perfectly. If you have no place to set at least one cardio machine, it will also not work.

However, if you can spend around a grand on machines, have where to place it, and love to work out, be sure that you’re ready for taking this step forward in working on your health.

By lexutor

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