Is it a Papule Or a Pustule? PART 2 Acne Solution

By lexutor Aug11,2022

Is it a Papule Or a Pustule? PART 2 Acne Solution

If its not a papule then it must be a pustule.

You have now moved from the a non inflammatory form of acne the papule to the inflammatory form of acne the pustule. This spot is clearly filled with pus and it’s all inflamed.

Never pick or poke at an acne pustule as that will only lead to the spread of the bacteria which will lead to more pustules or worse acne scaring or acne cysts.

Make sure you have proper sleeping cycles as staying up late repeatedly is bad for your skin. Your body needs a certain amount of rest to recuperate and keep your immune and hormone system in balance. Acne pustules can be caused or triggered by certain things like

1. stress

2. ladies monthly cycle

3. eating unhealthy food

4. certain medications

5. picking at or squeezing the pimples

6. steroids

7. not getting enough rest

How do you treat a pustule?

The early stages of pustule acne can be cleared up with basic skin care like:

1. drinking 2 cups water with every meal

2. wash face twice a day with non perfumed soap

3. pat dry with clean towel

4. avoid stress

5. eat healthy food groups

6. get some exercise

7. do not touch your face or let anything else touch your face ie things like hair, clothing, dirty pillow case, anything

8. implement a face cleaning system and use a cleanser, exfoliate scrub and a moisturizer

If none of the above is working then you need to go to stage two and escalate your battle with acne pustules and use over the counter medications.

You can use over the counter medications such as:

1. acne soap like glycerin etc

2. face cleaning system that contains benzoyl peroxide or other acids

If this is not working the escalate to phase three and consult a dermatologist for professional advice on your particular skin disorder and maybe for some antibiotics like tetracycline etc.

Hopefully after reading part 1 and part 2 of “Is It A Papule Or A Pustule” you know the difference between a papule or a pustule. You can treat a pustule in the early stages with basic skin care or if that is not working get some over the counter medications and if neither of these work for you then you can visit a dermatologist.

By lexutor

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