Flea Removal – Natural Dog Flea Treatment Alternatives and Other Activities – Part 2

By lexutor Sep9,2022

Flea Removal – Natural Dog Flea Treatment Alternatives and Other Activities – Part 2

Part 1 of this series discussed the types of natural dog flea treatment alternatives and part 2 here shall focus on the other three pillars which are as important to flea removal. The other three pillars comprise of pet health hygiene, diet as well as thorough home cleaning.

As much as you check yourself in the mirror in the morning to ensure that you are well groomed, you should also run a quick check on your dog everyday, mainly to feel the health vibes. Take time to check his tummy, behind the ears, round the anus, underarms, and around the mouth too. If you observe dark brown or blackish specks, you probably have chance upon the fleas or their waste.

To stop or reduce the pest from multiplying, you concoct a DIY solution of lemon or lime and boiling water. Let the slices steep overnight and pour into a spray bottle, spray onto the key areas mentioned above and this should help drive away the fleas momentarily. Repeat the process daily or as and when required. An alternative concoction is to mix a few drops of eucalyptus essential oils with water and spray accordingly.

If you are worried that the commercially available flea collars contain toxic substances that can give rise to allergies or harm your pet health, you can always make your own for your pet. Simply make a thick mixture of lavender or geranium essential oils with water and soak you homemade cloth with the concoction to be used as your natural herbal flea collar.

Diet is the other pillar which should not be ignored. There are items which upon consumption, can literally help to repel the fleas naturally. Take for instance, apple cider vinegar which when mixed with their drinking water, is emitted through the skin and in the process repelling the fleas. Using yeast in your pet diet can also achieve the same results.

It cannot be stressed more that regular and thorough home cleaning is key to maintaining a flea free environment. If you are in a deep and full infestation, you might even need to fumigate and fog out the pest before you start your cleaning regime. An added step is to sprinkle boric acid to on your carpets before vacuuming. Ensure that you vacuum each and every room from attic to basement and dispose of the vacuum bag well. Either put it in an airtight bag before disposing or burn the bag for good. Soak all linen and bedding in detergent and hot water before you put them in the washer.

Flea removal can be achieved with natural dog flea treatment alternatives too if you keep working at them conscientiously. After all, the health of your beloved dog is priceless, so all that effort worth the while.

By lexutor

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