Finding out who your biological parents are

By lexutor May23,2022

In most cases, it is perfectly clear who your biological parents are. But in some cases it is not. This can be for all sorts of reasons, but that it is annoying is one thing. The fact that you want to find out who your biological parents are is not so strange, as are most children who are in the same situation. The best way to do this, you will find when reading this blog.

What can you run into?

As a child, you have the right to know who your real, biological parents are. This is called the right to parentage knowledge. The Dutch courts ruled a long time ago that a child in the Netherlands has the right to know who his or her biological parents are. This is an international right that the child has. This right basically says that the child has the right ‘as far as possible’ to know his or her parents and to be cared for by them. This does not mean, however, that the right to know one’s parentage always takes precedence and that other rights must give way. Sometimes, the right to knowledge of one’s parentage will have to make way for the right to privacy of the biological parent, for example. In addition, it is also possible that the biological parent cannot be found or that it is not clear who the father or mother is.

How can you find out?

To find out whether or not someone is your biological parent, is a difficult process. Not only because it can be difficult to find the person who might be your biological parent, but also because it is a difficult process emotionally. When you finally found someone who might be your biological parent, it is recommended to take a dna test. Depending on whether or not there is a legal dispute with child support or recognition of the child, you need to take a legal DNA test. Simply search for ‘legal dna testing near me’ and you will find one. Most companies that offer these tests provide many more services. You can also find a home gender test for example. In every case, it is recommended to ask yourself the question ‘Do I really want to know this?’. In some cases it can have great impact on your life, so please be careful and take all factors in consideration.

By lexutor

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