Essential Guide to Taking Care of Your Dentures

By lexutor Oct4,2017

Everyone would like to show a beautiful smile to the world. However, life happens. People lose their teeth through an accident, poor health, poor dental hygiene, or simply getting older. Dentures are a great and satisfying alternative for those that would like to have a full set of beautiful teeth. If you are thinking about improving your smile, contact dentures Cape Coral FL centers. The dental professionals will provide you with the options that are available to you. Of course, it is also advisable to take good care of your dentures. Here are a few tips on making sure those dentures retain their functionality and attractiveness.

Keep Your Dentures Clean

You probably brushed and flossed your natural teeth a few times a day. Dentists recommend brushing and flossing after every meal. Dentures deserve the same treatment. The fact is that your dentures will last much longer if you keep them clean. There are special products designed to soak your dentures. They have their own purpose. Still, brushing your dentures is vital to keeping them functional and looking good. Brush your dentures with a gentle denture brush daily or after every meal. Do not apply abrasive toothpaste to the dentures. Those products are too harsh and will damage the dentures. After brushing, rinse the dentures in water. Always, handle your dentures with a gentle touch.

How to Clean Dentures

Plaque builds up on your dentures just like it builds up on your natural teeth. Therefore, it is important to keep your dentures clean and prevent yellowing. Here are tips to follow.

  • Grip dentures gently and clean them over a sink
  • Remove food particles by rinsing gently under running water
  • Avoid using toothpaste to clean your dentures. Instead, use a gentle denture cleanser
  • Wet a denture brush to brush the dentures
  • Always brush your own gums and tongue with your toothpaste of choice
  • Rinse your mouth to remove any food particles

Soak Your Dentures

Brushing your dentures after every meal should become a regular habit. Still, it is important to soak your dentures overnight too. This is vital to the health of your dentures. The denture material needs to stay moist to retain their structure and functionality. Therefore, make it a habit to place your dentures in plain water or a dental soaking solution overnight. Remember to cleanse your dentures before placing them back in your mouth, after soaking. The soaking solution might contain irritants that could damage your mouth or stomach if swallowed.

Regular Dental Checkups are Still Important

Surprisingly, some denture wearers assume that regular dental checkups are no longer required. Regular checkups are still vital. During the checkups, your dentist will make sure that the dentures are fitting properly, and your mouth is healthy.

Today, thanks to improvements in modern dental technology, dentures look very natural. Remember, you deserve a beautiful smile. Check with your dentist for more information about improving your smile with dentures.

By lexutor

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