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Botulinum toxin type A was discovered many years ago and is popularly used in the treatment of wrinkles on the face of individuals in the industry that deals with cosmetic surgery . The original concentration of Botox immediately after extraction from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria is harmful, and therefore before it is injected under the skin for cosmetic treatment purposes, it should be diluted to the safe level first.
To remove the frown lines from the face and the creases that are available, small quantities of the Botox extract are injected into the muscles of the face which act towards achieving the ultimate goal of gaining a wrinkle free face. The nervous system also produces some chemicals through the nerve cells, and these chemicals act in a way that causes the development of frown lines on the face because of the tightening of the facial muscles, and therefore the Botox helps to avert this situation by weakening and loosening up these muscles causing the skin to have a smooth appearance all over again.
Some things that may interfere with the beauty of a natural facial expression include the wrinkles on the face or forehead, the crows feet on the eyes, creases that usually seen around and on the mouth, and this can be gotten rid of by the help of the use of Botox which when applied makes an individual have the feeling of gentle relaxation from within themselves. Botox treatment is not something that was invented yesterday that makes individuals fear to undergo the procedure when they are told to go through it to restore their looks especially because this kind of treatment when handled with an expert who knows the procedural steps very well; it is a safe one to do.
Unlike other types of surgery that needs one to be given some form of anesthesia, Botox treatment does not need anesthesia because the procedure involves the only injection that is not very painful and takes few minutes to be completed. Recovery time depends on how the individual handles themselves after the procedure, for instance if they end up scratching the treated areas, it will be very difficult to heal, and also if they lie down for long, the Botox might spread to other untreated areas making it to be a more complex situation, and therefore one needs to be very careful during this period.
The most common side effect that is known to arise after the procedure involve the slight headache that does not last for a long time, as well as the mild bruising that may occur. A competent and qualified surgeon is the best to choose from the list given as this makes the individual to be confident that the person handling them understands the procedure well.

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