How to Deal With Your Kid’s Teenage Years

How to Deal With Your Kid’s Teenage Years

People are not wrong when they say that adolescence is one of the most difficult phases of a person’s life. You are neither a child, nor an adult. You are kind of sandwiched in the middle and this is what makes it particularly difficult. Obviously, the hormonal changes also add to it.

Teenage years are challenging not only for the teens, but also for their parents. Parents often find themselves lost in the middle of all the changes taking place in their kids. It is a little hard for them to accept that their little kids are now growing up and taking their own independent decisions. Parents are still used to pampering their kids and taking complete care of them.

One cant completely blame the parents because it is their concern which forces them to act like they do. At the same time, they want to protect their kids from any sort of bad influences. It can be slightly daunting for them to maintain a balance between being a friend and a parent. Here are a few ways to do exactly that.

1. Dont expect things to go completely smoothly. A some point of time, your kids might not like you but that doesn’t have to be a major cause of concern. Remember the phase your kid is going through. As the elder, more mature person out there, you have to take the high road. At times, forgive your child’s rude behaviour. In all possibility, he/she didn’t mean to act like that in the first place.

2. Try and know your kid better. Remember, this is the time when your kid is developing his own personality. Make every possible effort to understand his/her newfound ideas and beliefs. You have to be patient listener. Have heart to heart conversations and more importantly, be tolerant. Some of the things your kids say might not go well with your own ideas but then they are living in a different world. Learn to accept the differences.

3. Keep your family together. It’s important that your child thinks that his family is always behind his back. If tomorrow, he does something wrong or falls into trouble, he/she should be able to call you and ask for help rather that being scared of you. Instill that kind of confidence in your kid.

And finally, be perserverant. Do not let trivial matters discourage you. Your kids are the most important part of your life and make sure your relationship with them blossoms!

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