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4 Critical Roles of Saliva in Keeping You Healthy Saliva plays essential roles in ensuring your mouth stays healthy. Saliva has other aspects other than being a liquid in the mouth. It consist of water, mucus, mineral, enzymes and proteins which play an essential role in your oral health. Most people don’t know other functions of saliva than helping them in lubrication. Here are the essential responsibilities of saliva as part of your immune system. Teeth and gum protection
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Saliva contains proteins, called immunoproteins, and some minerals that help in fighting bacteria in the mouth. This assist in preventing gum diseases and tooth decay. Saliva also fights bad breath thus preventing bacteria from finding residence in your mouth.
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Keeping artificial teeth together Aging comes with a lot of challenges. People use dentures as a replacement for the lost teeth. Saliva assist in securing dentures in the right place in the mouth. Also, if it were not for saliva, these false teeth could become dangerous to use due to their high chances of hosting bacteria and germs in them. Lubricating Saliva enables the mouth and tongue move with ease. Saliva enables you to talk and eat without difficulties by lubricating the mouth. Keeping the mouth clean Saliva is necessary for washing away any food particles that may be left in the mouth. This helps in keeping the mouth fresh. Also, while the saliva sweeps away any left food in the mouth, it balances the pH level in the mouth. Preventing dry mouth A condition that comes as a result of less saliva in the mouth is referred as xerostomia. Saliva protect you from developing this condition. Xerostomia is very common in aged people since saliva starts reducing as you get old. Some signs of this condition include problems with swallowing or a feeling like you have a swollen tongue. Dry mouth is dangerous as it invites bacteria and germs. Dry mouth can also lead to tooth and gum diseases. Apart from age xerostomia can also come as a result of medication, smoking, dehydration or some disorders such as prolonged diabetes which can affect your general health. You can deal with dry mouth by ensuring you are hydrated and also by chewing sugarless gums. Xerostomia is a serious infection and you should see your dentist if you start noticing some of its symptoms. Saliva plays critical roles as part of your immune system. It is essential to make sure your mouth stays lubricated. Insufficient saliva welcomes bacteria and diseases into your mouth. A regular check-up will help you in preventing bacterial infection in the mouth. There is a good number of dentists you can seek professionals treatment from. However, it is important to choose a professional dentist to avoid making the case worse.

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