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How to Find a Reputable New Installation Roofer

The search for a good roofer can begin with seeking recommendations from people around you, especially neighbors, whose own roofs are probably of the same style as what you want. Also take time to check if the roofer you’ll be considering is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association. NCRA contractors are vetted rigorously before acceptance into the group and are also subject to regular checks. They also have to be protected by the right insurance coverage (public, employers’ and third-party insurance), compliant with health and safety regulations, and committed to the NCRA code of practice and U.S. Standards.

Obtaining Quotes

Call at least three roofers and ask for quotes for a new roof installation. This will give you the opportunity to compare pricing. They should want to come and inspect your property personally before anything else, and if they don’t, watch out. Good roofers never price even the most minor projects, like tile replacement or gutter cleaning, without taking a prior look.

Hiring a Roofer

As soon as you’ve found someone you think is the best roofer for your project, discuss the following with them before proceeding:

> unforeseen additional charges
> penalties for not finishing the work before deadline

> how to proceed under prolonged extreme weather;

> work schedule

> materials, who supplies them and any guarantees

> whether labor will be outsourced;
> scaffolding use and trash disposal, and whether they are part of the total cost

> available options if you don’t like how the project turns out

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Whatever you agree upon, be sure to put everything on a written contract. No need to make it complicated. The idea is just to have a record of what both parties have agreed upon, with both your signatures. As the customer, you should also establish whether or not planning permission will be required, although you can always ask the roofer for advice. Note too that any substantial work on your roof may only be performed by a certified contractor, or you will have to inform your local building control department about your project before starting it. Definitely, you should pick a roofer who has appropriate insurance, including public liability and working at heights. And considering that a new roof installation is a major project, you should get a guarantee.

Paying the Roofer

Finally, make sure the contract includes a schedule for payments. You have to do this prior to any work. Expect them to ask you for an upfront instalment, which is perfectly normal for big projects such as a new roof installation. They need the money to source the materials in the first place. Don’t make the final payment unless you are totally satisfied with the work that they have done.

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