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Prohibition Past and Speakeasy Present

Did you know the speakeasies of the Prohibition era were also called blind pigs and blind tigers? Stuffed tigers were typically displayed in illegal bars and clubs to draw attention to the fact that alcohol was still available after hours. Because the authorities were unaware of their existence, the “tigers” were “blind.” 

During Prohibition, the demand for alcohol soared. As a result, another culture—often run by members of organized crime—emerged for those who saw an opportunity and financial advantage in defying the new rule and meeting the public demand. Speakeasies included glitzy clubs with jazz bands and ballroom dance floors as well as dingy backrooms, basements, and apartments. In addition, men and women were no longer segregated when it came to drinking.

Advocates of Prohibition celebrated the law’s early “success” as drunkenness charges decreased and medical statistics revealed a sharp fall in treatments for alcohol-related ailments. Statistics also showed that drinking had declined before Prohibition for several years. Many believed that any further decline was caused primarily by the high price of illegal alcohol than by the legislation itself.

Taverns of Today

Whether you call it a tavern, a saloon, or a speakeasy, even today, the appeal of private drinking dens, often tucked away in back alleys or concealed behind fictitious doors in unassuming storefronts or fine dining establishments, is still very powerful. Fortunately, you won’t have to dodge authorities when partaking in a delectable cocktail created by expert mixologists at one of the many so-called speakeasies of today. 

So, next time you’re indulging in southern fried shrimp at your favorite Ormond Beach fine dining establishment or perusing Thrillist’s list for best under-the-radar speakeasies, don’t forget to ask for the “password.” Above all, enjoy a slice of history.

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Steps to Take Before Applying for Medical School

Steps to Take Before Applying for Medical School

If you think getting into medical school is easy, think again. The whole application process can be very stressful and expensive, depending on how many schools you want to apply to. To get started, you should have an idea of which medical schools you want to apply to.

When you have a list of schools you want to apply to, start off by visiting each school’s website to find out what the admission’s requirements are. Many medical colleges require prerequisites in many science courses such as biology, chemistry, physics, and more. Be sure to talk to your campus science department to determine the general science classes you have to take. In most cases, medical schools require a minimum of B in all the major prerequisite courses before any consideration is given to students that are applying. It is important to note that lab is also required with every science class.

The next step that isn’t on the school curriculum but is just as important are extracurricular activities, try to find an activity relevant to the medical field. The best thing to do is to volunteer at the local hospital or health clinic so that when the time comes, they will write a recommendation letter for you which will boost your chances of admittance. Some schools require recommendation letters. The best thing to do is to get them from your professors and from places you have volunteered at.

Now, one of the most important things that are required for any consideration into any medical school is your MCAT score. It is the exam that determines whether or not you have the competency to pursue a medical degree. Many schools require a minimum MCAT score of 22 to apply but don’t make that your goal when taking the exam, you want to aim for 30 or higher.

After completing the previous requirements, the next is the actual application. Many schools require applicants to apply on the AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) website and each school usually requires a fee to apply, ranging from $50-$100 which is not refundable. Once again, be sure to go over each medical school’s admission requirements as each college requires something different so it’s best to double check everything before applying.

It is definitely a much more stressful experience applying for medical school than it is to take premed courses to obtain eligibility because every medical school receives thousands of applicants and only a small percentage gain acceptance. The competition is fierce but having the right mindset to becoming a doctor and obtaining a medical degree will pay off.…

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How to Increase Height After Puberty – The Ultimate Tips You Need to Increase Your Height

How to Increase Height After Puberty – The Ultimate Tips You Need to Increase Your Height

After puberty, you are still growing. It has been proven that women continue gaining height until the age of 25 and men until 27 to 30. To ensure that you are growing taller and that your muscles and bones are getting bigger and longer, you need lots of protein, milk, yogurt, cheese and boiled chicken. Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium are needed for your bones while water is vital to your muscles; protein and carbohydrates are needed for growth. This and some others are insurances on how to increase height after puberty.

1. Tips for healthy nutrition:

* Regular time for eating.

* Never skip a meal.

* Eat healthy breakfast to start the dya.

* Enjoy chewing and tasting your food.

* Be creative in cooking our meals.

* Pastries, sweets, crisps and soda drinks have no nutrition value, avoid them.

* Don’t take too much salt for it leads to hypertension.

* Raw veggies, fresh juice and whole wheat bread are healthy.

* Liquid sustains good health; drink 6 to 8 glasses of water, or fruit juice or sugar-free juice daily.

* Milk is essential for good health.

* Patronize only healthy food and supplements.

* Rest and relax after your meal, don’t work or exercise immediately.

2. The importance of breathing

Height increase required blood oxygenation as oxygen provides nourishment to the bones. Regularity in breathing also purifies the blood. There are 3 types of breathing:

* Inhaling is the taking in of air into the body through the nose.

* Retaining is keeping the air inside the body.

* Exhaling is bringing out of air from the body.

3. Sleep is an essential element in growth.

During sleep, your growth hormones are doing its job of thickening and lengthening your bones. In deep sleep, the growth hormones produced by your pituitary glands are released

into your blood stream and travel through your body making the bones to thicken and lengthen. Consequently, you have to reach “deep sleep level” on a daily basis with proper diet and exercise.

Tips to achieve deep sleep:

* Sleep on a comfortable and firm mattress.

* Your room must be dark, quiet and fresh smelling.

* Keep feet and hands warm to achieve REM (rapid eye movement) essential for deep sleep.

* Take a big glass of water before sleep and do the same upon waking.

* Learn to relax by taking a deep breathe before retiring. Command your entire body from head to toe to relax; then close your eyes.

* Develop the habit of sleeping at the same time everyday, even during weekends.

* Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees to maintain proper spine alignment and preventing back aches due to a bend posture.

Keeping these useful tips in mind, you will know how to increase height after puberty.…

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Quality Caregivers Needed in Emergency Medicine Jobs

Quality Caregivers Needed in Emergency Medicine Jobs

There is a massive need for emergency medicine jobs in places all over the country. Sometimes a doctor provides solo coverage. Other times a team of emergency room doctors provide care in a bigger ER setting. Whatever the case, an ER doctor needs to be prepared and ready for any circumstance.

An ER physician needs certain qualifications. They need to have between three and eight years of residency, and some facilities require further experience in the ER before a doctor can provide solo coverage. A doctor has to have a degree in internal medicine and some require specialization in pediatrics, cardiology, or other areas in the medical field. All ER doctors need to be certified in basic life support, pediatric advanced life support, advanced cardiac life support, and advanced trauma life support.

The reason for all of these certifications is an ER doctor never knows what will come through the door. There is never an average workday. A typical shift is 10 to 12 hours, although resident ER doctors can sometimes be clocked in for 24 hours straight. The morning shift consists of getting caught up on any patients that are currently on the floor. Sometimes there is an acute patient who needs extra care. Then the doctor will go on rounds. The rest of the day shift is spent managing patients, getting lab results, taking medical histories, discharging patients, reading X-rays and other tasks.

The night shift in the ER can be extremely busy. For some reason, trauma tends to happen more readily and there is rarely time to have a break. All kinds of patients come in, ranging from head trauma cases to intoxicated patients to patients with a rash or fever. Quality caregivers are needed in emergency medicine jobs. Sometimes it’s the difference between life and death.…

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What is a Tween?

What is a Tween?

One of the new phrases that is used to describe kids is “tweens”. The media and popular culture are starting to cater to this age range. So, what is a tween? Here is the answer:

It is an age range: A tween, also known as a tweenager, preteen, tweenie, and more is a person who is between the ages of 8 and 12. Those are the awkward years when they are still not a teenager, but are not a little kid either.

It is a stage:Being a tween is more than fitting into a specific age range, it is more about the awkward pre-puberty stage. It is a stage in life where they will be forming social bonds with friends, and starting to care more about what their peers think. The Tween stage is the stage when independence from family starts to come out full force. Kids in this stage usually want to grow up faster, and make their own decisions. It is the stage where kids don’t want to be “kids” they do not want to have to have an adult with them when they go out, and they want all of the privileges of being a teen, without any of the responsibility.

It is a desire: The tween stage is when the child wants to be more than a kid, and feels that they are ready to be “grown up”. It is often when their basic adolescent identities are formed. It is when they start to realize that the world is not all fun and games as they had suspected, and that they need to grow up a little to survive the cruel realities of life. It is when they start to want things for themselves that extend beyond food and sleep, and basics.

It is a consumerism:Most tween age kids are suddenly more aware of appearances, and because of this, they tend to be more into brand consumption. When they were a kid, they wanted clothes on because that was a requirement to go outside and play with their friends. When they hit the tween stage, they tend to want brand named clothes and to fit in with their peers. The main way to do this is through brands and music.

If you have a tween, know who they are, and the messages that the media are sending to them about who they should be, and what kind of actions are acceptable. You may be surprised by the messages sent about relationships, how to treat parents, and the like. Help your tween find their place in life so that they do not rebel or make poor decisions that will affect the rest of their life. Having a tween can be a lot of fun, and being a tween can be even more fun. Just remember not to be in too big of a hurry to grow up, as being a kid has a lot of advantages.…

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Although the effectiveness of online ordination may be ethically questionable, someone who has become ordained online can legally administer weddings and sign marriage licenses, just like any other religious official. As long as the person is in good standing with his or her church, he or she has the legal right to solemnize a marriage in most of the United States.

The Restrictions

There are some states in the United States that require more than just online ordering of people who wish to perform religious ceremonies. States such as Arkansas, Louisiana, Delaware, Oklahoma, and Virginia require ordained ministers to provide the State with a copy of their credentials and/or address prior to stage weddings. Rhode Island, Nevada, and Ohio all license their state, ministers, while the state of Tennessee requirements for ordination to be a considerate, deliberate, and responsible act could implicitly restrict someone who has become an ordained minister online.

Seminary School

Ordained ministers may attend seminary school. Louisiana and other states require ministers to provide credentials before ordained scenic weddings. Many Christian denominations require that ministers have a detailed understanding of the Bible. Ordained ministers may perform wedding ceremonies. Individuals can become ordained ministers through various websites for a fee.

The Services Offered

Getting a minister online is quick and easy. Depending on what type of ordination you are interested in, you can even become an ordained minister online for free. Being ordained as a minister can help conduct wedding services, baptismal services, and officiate at other religious ceremonies.

Instructions to Follow

Decide why you want to be an ordained minister online. The most common reason for wanting to be an ordained minister is to perform a wedding ceremony for friends or family members. This is a perfectly good reason to become an ordained minister online. Other steps to follow includes:

  • Deciding if the faith you become an ordained minister in is important to you. If you or the bride or groom is particularly religious, you had better get ordained in that faith. However, if you don’t have any particular preference for religions, getting ordained as a minister from whatever service is quicker, cheaper, and better suited to your needs.
  • Do your research. Ask around to see if any of your friends or acquaintances have become ordained ministers online. Some of the websites that advertise ordering ministers online could be scams, so verify that you really will become an ordained minister before you send them your money.
  • Check with your local government agency that the organization you use to become an online minister is recognized by the state.

Congrats to You

In order for weddings performed as an ordained minister to be legitimate, you must ensure that the state recognizes your status as an ordained minister. Complete any paperwork and submit it. Congratulations, you are now on your way to becoming an ordained minister Memphis TN-located.

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3 Myths on Growing Taller

3 Myths on Growing Taller

Everyone has a growth spurt, some quicker than others and some have bigger ones than others. Either way there are a few people who end up having a bad growth spurt and end up becoming “vertically challenged”. The internet is a large database of information and unfortunately not all of it is accurate. This applies to methods of growing taller, there is a lot of information that will mislead you into buying pills and creams or just waste your time doing something that won’t work. Read on for 3 myths you should avoid when looking for a method to grow taller.

Hypnosis can make you taller

This actually managed to make me laugh. I found someone who was promoting an affiliate program that supposedly hypnotised you and your body to grow taller. Guess how much it cost? $97! Preposterous! Mainly because hypnosis can’t make you taller, think about it, why would going into a deep sleep make you taller? It could improve your confidence, stop you from snoring but actually make you ‘t make me laugh.

It’s the parents fault

It is so easy to blame others for things and who better than the people who brought us into the world. However, it isn’t always the parents fault. The worst genetics can do is give you a bad posture which damages your height but you can easily improve it. Parents can’t make you small; some tall parents will have small kids and vice verse.

Height supplements make you grow after puberty

WRONG! After puberty your bones fuse together stopping any future growth. This means all those height supplements, creams and other miracle pills you are buying won’t work, even if they say they can make you grow taller at 30. Don’t fall into the trap and waste money.…