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Wink Scrubs: The Future of Medical Scrubs is Bright and Fashionable

A wardrobe that relies solely on scrubs is meant to be convenient and comfortable. Anyone working in the medical professional needs to have clothing that is durable enough to withstand the kind of abuse the clothes will receive during a busy shift. It is also important for the clothing to have a distinctive look so the employee is easy to identify. Most doctors and nurses will agree that traditional scrubs do meet these standards, but they are boring.

What is Needed

Scrubs need to be a made from a comfortable fabric that moves easily without pinching, binding or shifting. They should clean easily so they are always stain-free and be durable enough to withstand the frequent washes and chemical stain removers they will experience. Some facilities prefer their medical staff wear only certain colors, so availability of a variety of colors is necessary from any supplier.

What is Wanted

Variety in the cut, patterns and overall design of scrubs is something that is new to the market. At one time there were only a few stark and institutional options that did not allow the wearer any room for expressing their own fashion style. Today there are brands like wink scrubs that come in a rainbow of colors and cuts. Wonderwink even offers patches and other accessories to help the wearer create fun, custom looks.

How They Help

Bright colors, patterns, and fun accessories are options that many professionals choose because they understand how their appearance affects the mood and comfort level of their patients. When they are able to wear something that has the potential to boost the mood of everyone around them it can result in a much more positive experience for the patient. This is common in many practices that work with children or in places where the patients may have high levels of stress.

It is possible to have fashionable options available even when working in medical facilities with strict regulations regarding the color of the scrubs they allow. Nurses, doctors, dental assistants and all other medical workers should take the time to look through all of their options. There is no longer any reason for them to resign themselves to buying more sets of the same boring scrubs they already have in their closet.